How to Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet

6 Bloom-Saving Methods

You have spent a lot of money on your beautiful wedding bouquet and you want to keep it forever? No problem! Try one of these six easy ways to preserve your precious blooms.

Press Your Flowers

Whether you want to preserve the whole bouquet or just a couple of flowers, pressing is a great method, especially if you want to display the blooms in your house. The technique is simple. All you need to do is carefully place the flowers between two pieces of parchment paper and press them with a heavy object such as a voluminous encyclopaedia. Let them sit for seven to ten days and then use them for scrapbooking or place them in a picture frame. Alternatively, you can get them professionally pressed. You can create a stunning artwork, especially if you use other elements such as photos, wedding stationery and your wedding decorations.

Freeze Dry Them

Freeze drying is the most expensive, but also the most effective way to preserve your wedding bouquet and keep it looking fresh for years. After the wedding is over, keep your blooms hydrated and take them to a professional who specialises in freeze drying flowers as soon as possible. There are many wedding florists across Australia who offer this service. After being sprayed with starch, your flowers will be placed in a freeze dryer which will take the moisture out of them, but the shape and colour will stay the same. The process takes two to three months, but once it is done, you can display your bouquet in a glass box and admire its beauty.

Dip Them in Wax

Waxed flowers can’t live forever, but they can last for up to six months after your wedding day. You can safely try this method at home. Just melt wax in boiling water and stir until it becomes liquid and smooth. You can then remove it from the stove and wait until it cools down slightly. Dip your wedding flowers into the wax while it is still warm and fluid, but not too hot. Hang them upside down to dry and they are ready to be displayed in your living room!

Use Silica Gel

Did you know that silica gel can be used to preserve flowers by extracting water from them? It is another easy DIY project you can try at home. Purchase silica gel and an airtight container which should be big enough to house the entire bouquet. Cut the stems, carefully fill the blossoms with silica gel and place them in a box on top of a layer of silica gel. Then pour in the rest of your silica gel until the flowers are completely covered and seal the box with a lid. After a week, your bouquet will be ready for display!

Make a Keepsake with Epoxy Resin

You can make amazing jewellery, keepsakes and artwork pieces with epoxy resin. Making a globe paperweight is a popular way to immortalise your wedding bouquet. You need to purchase a round-shaped mould, fill it with epoxy resin and carefully place your blooms in the fluid. Once it dries, you can take the globe out and display it on your desk. You can also create epoxy resin flower letters with individual flowers or extract just one single bloom and make a fabulous pendant necklace.

Paint Your Wedding Bouquet

Although you are not preserving the bouquet itself, you can immortalise it by having it painted by a professional artist. Whether it is just a simple drawing or a striking oil on canvas, an artwork can keep the memory of your big day forever. While flowers might die out and end up in the bin, your beautiful painting will be there for posterity!

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