How to Plan and Start a Sustainable Wedding Beauty Regimen

Taking care of yourself is an essential part of being a bride. You have to feel your best to look your best, so don’t compromise on your lifestyle to look fantastic on your big day. This guide explains how to plan and start a sustainable wedding beauty regimen that helps the planet thrive while you transform into a glowing bride.

1. Lower Your Stress

Touring venues and trying new cake flavours is fun, but wedding planning eventually becomes stressful. You’ll have to sort through every last detail while trying to please your bridal party, mother and future mother-in-law. It can feel overwhelming at times, which takes a toll on your appearance.

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Long-term stress results in more severe acne than you’d usually have. It can also lead to hair loss if you don’t find ways to mitigate it. When your anxiety starts to spike, turn to eco-friendly stress management ideas like collecting litter on a local walking trail or gardening without chemical-based fertilizers.

2. Consider Your Current Routine

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How many beauty products do you use for your current routine? Throwing out bottles and tubes generates waste. You might also wash non-biodegradable ingredients into nearby waterways if you don’t choose green shampoos and conditioners. Think about how much waste your current routine creates to better identify where you can improve what already works for you.

3. Learn About Sustainable Ingredients

Before your next beauty purchase, learn about sustainable ingredients to know which products are better for the planet during production and after personal use.

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If you need to moisturize dry skin before your hair and makeup trial, look for a product that uses glycerine. Lotions use it to draw moisture to the skin without chemicals. It’s a naturally-found ingredient derived from plant-based oils, so you won’t spend money on an unsustainable product.

4. Research Eco-Friendly Beauty Companies

Many beauty companies know their consumers want green alternatives to traditional products. They’ve created specific lines for all kinds of products just for sustainably-minded people. Research the brands you’ve always trusted to see if they have eco-friendly mission statements on their websites. If they don’t, you’ll know which companies to replace with others that produce sustainable products.

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It’s better to do this sooner than later. Anyone who wants to plan and start a sustainable wedding beauty regimen will require time to learn about their preferred products and companies. When you find one that needs a replacement, you’ll have more than enough time to play around with alternatives and find the best one for your beauty needs.

5.  Find Local Beauty Professionals

Your at-home beauty regimen is a crucial part of preparing for your wedding, but you should also consider finding local beauty professionals. They’ll give the best advice when you have questions and point out easier ways to look your best.

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Make a list of aestheticians, dermatologists and spas that have eco-friendly pledges on their websites. A quick phone call will give you more information on how their services and products help the earth as much as they help their clients.

Start a Sustainable Wedding Beauty Regimen

Don’t stress about how to look your best on your wedding day. Use this guide to plan and start a sustainable wedding beauty regimen even if you’re still a year out from your ceremony. A little research will reveal the best products, ingredients and professionals to help you with your beauty experience without compromising your sustainable values.

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