How To Plan A Surprise Wedding

There has been a significant spike in couples choosing to surprise their guests with a wedding. If you haven’t had the pleasure of being part of such an exciting experience, chances are you will be. You may even be considering this for you and your fiancé. Let’s take a deeper look at how to plan a surprise wedding and what you should be considering to make this event one for the ages.

Your venue is key

Inviting your guests to a venue under the rouse of an engagement party makes the venue a critical part of the plan. If there is a church on the invite, then you can safely say the jig is up and your guests will be arriving in anticipation of nuptials. Don’t let your surprise fall on its face before the big day. This is where wedding marquees present an attractive solution, as it is both suitable for a ceremony or engagement party and sets the scene for an unforgettable surprise. A brick and mortar venue will not allow your guests to freely congregate when those wedding tunes fill the space, and the open design will showcase the view in which your marquee sits.


Consider the timing of your surprise wedding

You have a lot to get through on your wedding day, even if your guests are not yet aware of this fact. The festivities should start in the early afternoon to accommodate a ceremony for an hour, with photography to follow. From here, you can let the reception fun take place with your nearest and dearest. Take into account the time of year and seasons, as this may require you to commence the formalities sooner or later in the day. You can tell your guests that you are partial to an afternoon celebration, to dispel any curious minds that could be questioning the early commencement.

Keep it relaxed

If you want a black-tie affair, then a surprise wedding may not be the road to take. If you want two to become one without the drama, set the wedding dress code to loungewear, garden attire or smart casual. Establishing a dress code goes a long way to informing your guests about what they can expect from the evening. You can also apply this relaxed approach to your dining options, and make it a canapé or shared dining style function. This will complement your surprise wedding and marquee venue.


A surprise doesn’t mean consolation

Just because you have elected to skip the fanfare that comes with announcing a formal wedding does not mean you are having a consolation experience. Be sure to commemorate the day with a wedding photographer, photo booth, theming and any other additions that will make your day even more special. You can also include a select few in your surprise wedding so that speeches can be planned and delivered on the day. Weddings take a village, so sharing the load with some family and close friends will go a long way in making sure the day runs seamlessly.


Executing the surprise

Ok, so how does the surprise part actually unfold? As always, the devil is in the details. You and your fiancé will need to greet your guests on arrival, and then you can fade into the background and steal away to dress for the main event. This is where your family and friends can take the reins and begin ushering the guests to a central point for “speeches”, and your elected celebrant can step in to inform your guests that this is no engagement party. Queuing this moment with wedding bells will send goosebumps around the room.

Photo by Vince Fleming on Unsplash

Throwing a surprise wedding will make a beautiful day even more memorable. Your guests will welcome the impromptu event, and you will start the next chapter of your life with a cracking party that reflects your love and spontaneity.