How to Plan a Bridal Wellness Weekend

5 Ideas for You & Your Bridesmaids

Are the wedding jitters taking over? Silly question, of course, they are. That, however, is no reason to enter panic mode and let a slew of zits catch you unprepared. In fact, you can use your entire bachelorette shebang and transform it from a typical boozy escape into a wellness getaway for you and your gal-pals. You most certainly deserve to pamper yourself, treat your skin to the finest of care, allow your mind and body to relax, and detox from all the pent-up stress from your wedding preparations.


In fact, living in this modern, health-oriented world of ours has brought on quite an explosion of beauty and wellness treatments you can now choose from on your way to beautify yourself for your wedding. Let’s go over a few of the most wonderful picks, destinations that you can consider, and vital steps in your self-care to follow during this very exciting period.

1.  Meditate your way to a stress-free wedding


Known to reduce stress and increase our resilience to it, meditation is perhaps one of the best choices for a bride-to-be and her crew of bridesmaids. It also brings a myriad of other perks such as helping you clear your mind for the remaining tasks of your wedding and soothing yourself for the big day. When you incorporate meditation and mindfulness into your little escape, you’ll sleep better, and we all know just how vital beauty sleep is in the days before your wedding.

Surprisingly, you don’t have to travel far and wide into extremely remote locations in order to achieve this level of Zen. There are picture-perfect, breathtaking yoga and meditation retreats just outside of Sydney as well as other bustling metropolises that still feel as serene as any tropical paradise can. Most of them offer a combination of spa treatments, yoga classes, guided meditation, and a delicious menu of locally-grown, organic ingredients to pamper your palate. Make sure to bring your sunscreen if you plan to spend most of your time outsideyour complexion will appreciate the effort.

2.     Treat your pores to a luxe spa escape


From the moment you sit on the silky-smooth bed until you lie down for a relaxing massage as you enjoy the scent of fragrant essential oils – a luxurious getaway will be pure bliss for your soul. Just make sure you’ve packed your beauty essentials! You want to make sure your skin is well-cared for during your trip, so yours and you gals’ skincare routines should be tailored to perfection. In case your skin reacts poorly to any ingredient (even the natural ones!) in the offered masks, scrubs, or lotions, you have your trusted ensemble at hand to soothe your skin.

Whether you choose to start your day with a fresh smoothie or a morning surf at a retreat in Casuarina, you’ll have plenty of pampering to enjoy for every second of your stay. Take advantage of on-site amenities such as pools, massage parlours, aromatherapy, all the way to those fabulous body scrubs to scrub the dullness away.

3.     Wine-tasting to your heart’s content


Okay, while there are no-alcohol varieties that are in line with our wellness focus, it’s important to notice that it’s all about balance – and wine-tasting tours add class and sophistication to any hen’s party imaginable! That said, you can take your girls away to Yarra Valley and truly embark on a culinary adventure that’s so much more than wine-tasting.

You’ll get to taste locally-made vintages paired with fine local meals served to you by artisan chefs who are truly magnificent at what they do. The only challenge will be to stick to moderate portions, but you have your girls there to keep you focused and relaxed.

4. Glamping for you and the bridesmaids


For brides and their friends who love Mother Nature, but also want to stay properly pampered before the big day, glamping in Australia is a truly wonderful option for your hen do. For example, luxurious tree houses in the Cairns Highlands nestled in the embrace of an ancient rainforest are the dream-come-true choice for ladies who like the serenity of nature paired with the finest spa treatments the modern world could muster.

This is truly a unique send-off for the bride with a playful, childlike personality, and a wonderful way to celebrate your lifelong friendships during your little adventure. However, you’ll need a reliable insect repellent to keep your skin free of those mosquito bites and other irritations.  Here are some ideas for natural mosquito repellents. It is also a good idea to do your research.

 5. Release your inner foodie


Perhaps your greatest Zen hides in the cooking process. You’ll have to admit, there is something exceptionally meditative about fine dining, blending, mixing, and tasting all of the ingredients until you concoct pure perfection in a bowl. So, if your willpower is made of steel and you find cooking as relaxing as yoga, then a culinary retreat in the Kangaroo Valley could be your cup of tea.

The particular package may not include accommodation right on site, but you can find stunning little nooks less than half an hour away. From mouthwatering tasting menus, mastering the art of making perfect tapas or sweet delights, you can keep your taste buds happy while you stay fit for the wedding dress. Add some of your favourite tunes, and this will be a memory you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.

Ultimately, your weekend escape with the girls should focus on your kind of wellness. Whether you’re a lover of fine wine or you can never get enough of those relaxing yoga sessions, make sure you choose something that will let you unwind and rest properly before your once-in-a-lifetime day.