How to Pick a Honeymoon Destination:

 10 Tips to Help Narrow It Down 

With the abundance of luxury and dreamy honeymoon places and resorts all around, it could become a bit too challenging to settle for just one place. From the Maldives to Bali and Paris to Sydney. There’s so much to look into and so much to do!

And since this is going to be your first-ever worry-free vacation with your significant other, you surely want nothing less than the best. You want to make it perfect so you may begin your new life in the best way possible and create everlasting memories. Don’t you?

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To help you out a bit, here are the top 10 tips to narrow down your wide list of options.

1.         Know Thy Interests

First, sit down and think about the mutual interest.  Is it the sea? Would you like to spend your time together in an overwater bungalow or a beach villa? Is it the quiet that you wish to surround yourself with or the buzz?

Once you have a clear idea about it, your options will automatically reduce down to half. At this stage, do not shortlist based on the outlook. Keep your interests as the prime filter of options.

2.         Sketch Your Dream

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Another way to downsize the plethora of exotic honeymoon places is to decide whether you want this time together to be comforting or thrilling. Do you wish to stay in your comfort zone, or do you wish to step out of it?

For example, going sky diving may be on your wishlist, but it may not categorise as warm or comforting. So, choose between the two possible feels of this trip together, and you will have your options downsized even further. On average, most honeymoon destinations offer a combo of both. However, it is highly likely that when you spend a good amount travelling to an exotic place, you might want to try a hand at all the thrilling stuff that the place has to offer. You might want to try all of your honeymoon ideas to make the best of the time, energy, and money spent, which may kill the initial want for soothing comfort.

So, give yourself enough time and think whether this trip should restore your energy or fill you up with sparks for newer adventures.

3.         List Your Options

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Once you’re done with the above two, you will automatically find yourself listing down the potentially promising places. Even if you skip the two tips above, you could begin listing down your dream honeymoon destinations right away.

The gist of this tip is not downsizing or eliminating places from your long list. But it aims to have you organized. It makes picking and choosing easier.

4.         Analyse the Weather

If you both feel most motivated and energized during summers or spring, it is best to choose a place with that weather. If cold winters drown your energy, then you would know which places to avoid and which month’s in particular.

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What’s more, if you guys would like to experience the most of a place during your time there, you could assess the weather forecast and determine the amount of weather variation that place has in store for you. For example, Melbourne could offer you everything from heavy rain to sunny weather in a matter of a week!

5.         Determine the Time & Distance

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Now, this is similar to the tip above except, herein, you have to determine things from your end. Evaluate your schedule and figure how much time will your work schedule permit? And how much distance can you both travel without getting yourselves excessively tired? The rule of the thumb is the lesser the distance, the better the trip.

6.         Evaluate Adventure Potential

Now, coming to the real part of your honeymoon, begin eliminating the places that stand synonymous with static and boring.

Determine; do you want to try some exotic food? Is there an intriguing culture (such as that of the Kazakhs) to explore? Do you want to stay in the best overwater bungalows? Or maybe book a lush green resort in the middle of the forest? How exotic and thrilling can it get?

If the place you have on your list does not offer you a good list of couple-oriented activities to do, then cut it off your list. You can visit it later!

7.         Correspond With Your Budget

By now, with several filters applied to your list of honeymoon ideas and dream honeymoon destinations, your list might have narrowed down quite a bit. It’s time to bring your budget into consideration.

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Correspond the ratio of the amount spent to the expected percentage of quality time of each place one by one. And there! You will have about 3-5 candidates on your list. Just pick one now!

8.         Choose Between Quality or Quantity

Some couples prefer visiting a lot of places on the short break from life, while some wish to explore just one location (thoroughly!). So, get your brain running and choose which way you would like.

Visiting multiple places would mean you get a lot of thrill in minimal time. While staying in one place would mean a lot of bonding and rest.

9.         Learn a bit about the Locals

Locals tend to impact your time in the city or area significantly. If they are not friendly and interactive, you guys may have a troubled time. And may end up frustrated, especially if you do not understand their language. So, better explore the locals beforehand.

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10.       Consider International Situation

Lastly, consider the political and international situation. Study if the place you plan to visit has political and economical stability. Is it a safe place to visit? Are civil and political unrest common, or is it calm and disciplined? Although this has nothing to do with the fun part, it’s essential for your well-being.