How to Match Your Wedding Dress to Your Engagement Ring

After you’ve posted your engagement pictures and shown off your sparkling new ring, it’s time to begin your search for the perfect wedding gown. You’ll get to visit numerous stores and try on an assortment of styles, but how will you know if your ring matches the dress that captures your heart? This guide explains how to match your wedding dress to your engagement ring and achieve the ultimate bridal look for your big day.

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1. Consider the Ring’s Meaning

Many future brides find themselves wearing rings passed down through their partner’s parents and grandparents. Your engagement ring might also have meaning through the design your fiance chose.

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Match the meaning to your gown’s style or features. If you have a diamond ring set in a flower petal design because you love gardening, your dress could have a sparkling floral belt or petal designs embroidered onto mesh sleeves. Emphasize the meaning behind your ring by using your gown’s design to continue telling its story.

2. Reflect on the Style

It’s also challenging to match your wedding dress to your engagement ring if you’re unsure about its style. Everyone utilizes different cuts and settings that define it, so take it to a jewellery expert if you need help narrowing down the options.

For example, a large diamond in a halo setting will display a large centred jewel in a circular design. It’s a classic look that matches well with chic dresses and sparkling embellishments. Define your ring’s style to make pairing it with a gown much easier.

3. Think About the Historical Period

Your ring could feature a design that began in a specific period if it’s a family heirloom. It may be art deco if it features geometric shapes and sunburst patterns popular during the early 20th century. Matching it with period-specific dress designs like satin fabric with lace overlays will make both work seamlessly together in your bridal look.

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4. Draw Inspiration From Jewel Tones

Engagement rings can also swap diamonds for jewels. Rings with soft pink or red ruby stones will look lovely with a gown in a nontraditional hue. Find pale pink or champagne fabrics with details that pop like your ring’s colour. Feathered skirts or two-piece gowns could be an excellent place to begin your wedding dress search.

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5. Go for Glamour

Sometimes even traditional rings have a bit of flair that inspires brides to lean into more glamourous gowns. A cushion-cut diamond centred on a studded band would perfectly match a seasonal bridal cape or long train. Sparkling emerald-cut diamonds also pair well with bejewelled bodices or diamond shoulder straps. Choosing a gown just as alluring as your ring could help you discover the best style for your wedding day.


Match Your Dress and Your Ring

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Finding the perfect dress may seem intimidating if you don’t know what style you want. Matching your gown to your engagement ring could be a great place to start when booking your first dress appointment. Talk about the many reasons you adore your ring, and a professional stylist will point out tips like these to help you find your ideal look.