How to Match Bride and Groom Attire

Wedding days are among the most special occasions in someone’s life. That’s why you want to get all details right, and matching the groom’s and bride’s appearances is the top priority. It’s not easy to find an optimal combination, but these tips will help you both shine during the wedding!

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The Suit Should Match the Formality of the Wedding Style

The first decision to make regards the wedding’s style. Depending on the theme, it will require more or a less formal outfit.

Here are some expert suggestions for grooms based on the wedding style:

  • Bohemian. Be true to the theme of bohemian style and pick a dark green suit. If you don’t feel comfortable with the colour, pick grey or blue.
  • Modern. You can pick an asphalt-coloured suit with a floral bow tie. A modern navy-blue suit is a sure way to go, too.
  • Elegant. You want a modern black velvet tuxedo or a white model with a black lapel.
  • Beach. Go with light colours and pick a light grey or tan suit.
  • Tropical. You can’t go wrong with navy, but if you can pull off a burgundy tuxedo, it will be a perfect choice.
  • A caramel or pink suit is perfect for a fun-themed and light wedding.
  • Vintage. If you are getting married in a rustic environment, combine a vest with khaki pants, and don’t forget a bowtie.


Coordinate with the Bride

Apart from matching the wedding theme, it’s important to be in line with the bride’s appearance. For example, if she plans a classic poufy gown, the groom should wear an elegant tuxedo. If the bride wears a white dress, she might have shoes or a necklace of a different colour. The groom should identify a method to match that style. It’s easiest to pick a tie or belt in the same shade.

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According to experts, grooms should pick a grey suit to match a silk wedding gown. You can go with a tan suit to match a bohemian lace gown. A black, or maybe even a patterned tuxedo, can be a fine choice to match a 1920s flapper-style wedding dress.

Use Your Accessories

Although we call them accessories, they are a crucial part of any appearance. You use them to ensure you stand out from the crowd and demonstrate an original style. It’s important that the accessories you pick should match the wedding’s theme.

The bride and groom should discuss all details to ensure their styles are similar. For example, the bride could choose a classic look, or decide to wear an exclusive custom ring to stand out. The key here is to select experienced jewellers who can provide both quality and outstanding design that the bride has always dreamt about. Then, the groom should act accordingly and pick a minimalistic, classic look.

Here are some suggestions for groom’s accessories:

  • Pick a unique vest. Depending on the theme, the “original” thing could be the colour, material, etc.
  • Add a bowtie. It’s more modern than a classic tie, and you can choose between many different styles.
  • Think about the cufflinks. These are small details and are great to present your personality. For example, pick your favourite sports team, find inspiration in business, etc.


The Groom’s Attendants Should Match the Groom

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While you put the most effort into picking the groom’s outfit, don’t forget his attendants’ style. Their suits should belong to the same style, too. The usual approach involves going with a lighter shade or a simple tweak. For example, the groom can wear a blue jacket and a bowtie. The attendants can wear white shirts and blue pants with suspenders. The bride should also coordinate what the bridesmaids will wear.

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A Perfect Fit

You picked the ideal outfit for the wedding, and it matches the bride’s style. But there’s one thing to take care of, and that’s how your suit fits. It’s only the ideal fit that ensures the groom feels comfortable and confident.

A slim and tall man shouldn’t have problems finding the optimal fit with most attire options. Remember that your goal is to move your arms and legs freely. You’ll be dancing and hugging the entire day, and you don’t want to end up with a rip.


It’s not easy to organize a wedding, but proper planning guarantees everything will go smoothly. Your suit needs to match the formality of the occasion, and coordinating with the bride is mandatory. Don’t hesitate to use different accessories and ensure that the attire fits ideally. By following this simple guide, you’ll ensure everything goes perfectly on your wedding day!