How to make your Wedding Music unforgettable


How to make your Wedding Music unforgettable

By Jeremy Curran ~ Red Soda Band

When was the last time you went to a wedding and came home humming a wedding song played there? When was the last time you remembered a wedding because they had an awesome music band there?

While everyone wants a fairytale wedding that’s perfect and memorable, the reality is that some things are always a bit hit and miss. Yes, it’s true that there are wedding planners, but even they need to be instructed about the interests and preferences of the bride and groom, especially on music tastes which can be so different and form an integral part of all wedding ceremonies. The wedding music is important because it adds so much liveliness to all events and people will remember what was played during the ceremony, which made it more fun and enjoyable.

Before deciding on the choice of music, there are bigger decisions, such as whether you want live music, a DJ or recorded music? Recorded music is old-fashioned because it lacks the live element, the adaptability to the mood and the audience’s taste or song requests to be played. Now if you’ve made up your mind for live music, you have the option between a DJ or a live music band. With the DJ, he/she can play recorded music. With that said, if you really want live music your only choice is a ‘Live Band‘.

Here are some tips that will ensure that your wedding music is so addictive that nobody wants to miss it.

  • Pick the Classics

You can never go wrong with the tried and tested formula of classic wedding songs. There have been millions of weddings around the world and there are songs, which are quintessentially regarded as wedding songs. These are songs that everyone agrees on as being played in a wedding ceremony. When you have a live band playing the classics like Jason Mraz – I’m Yours or Marry Me by Train you know you can’t go wrong.

  • Add A Story to The Music

Storytelling is an art where people feel involved and relate to the story. And what better combination than the couple’s story accompanied by live music. The story will be appealing to guests and they won’t want to miss the music. The story can be the couple’s journey until the wedding day showing the ups and downs of their relationship, their romantic moments and funny incidents, which can all come to life if there’s background music being played.

  • Match the Music to the Events of the Wedding

Different music would be played in different stages of the wedding, such as when the couple arrives, when they exchange rings, when they’re on the dance floor and when the wedding cake is cut. It’s very important that the music is an extension of these events and fits into the respected events. You can’t have thumping loud music played for the whole time. The variations will make the music much more enjoyable.

  • Schedule Breaks for The Band

If you have a live band playing at your wedding, you can’t forget that they require breaks too. Whether it’s a restroom, water or tea break. If they’re well looked after, their music performances will be great. After all, you don’t want your reception to end early just because the band members were exhausted.

  • Play songs that your guests want to hear as well

While it’s undoubtedly the bride and groom’s day, you may need to know the musical tastes of some, if not all of your best friends, your family and other loved ones attending the wedding. It’s always great to add songs in the playlist which these people can enjoy. You could ask them and let them choose a song to get them all in the mood to get on the dance floor.

  • Don’t choose songs with awkward or inappropriate lyrics

While we may have memories of a song, regardless of how inappropriate it’s lyrics, having your family and elders present while those songs are played does not make it a good occasion to play them. It’s respectful to keep the wedding music in good taste because it’s a family event and you may have a lot of guests from older generations, down to children.

While there are more ways to ensure you have unforgettable wedding music, these simple steps are a good start to make great wedding music that gets most of the guests involved. Do you have any special advice or suggestions to add to our list? Please chime in below because we are always glad to hear from our readers.

Author Bio:

Jeremy started playing the violin at the age of 3 and has never stopped. He absolutely loves playing music and founded ‘Musical Functions’ now known as Red Soda Band. He is also an MC/DJ & regularly performs in his wedding band with his fantastic team of dedicated musicians who create the perfect musical experience for weddings.