How to Make the Most of a Cloudy Wedding Day

Brides can plan every detail of their wedding day, but you can’t control the weather. Don’t be afraid of a changing forecast that results in a cloudy day. Check out how to make the most of a cloudy wedding day and enjoy every moment of your romantic ceremony.

1. Stay Cosy and Cute

Even if your wedding happens in the middle of the summer, clouds will make the day a bit cooler. That will feel great during the day, but everyone will likely get chilly in the evening. This can especially become a concern if you have older guests who might be temperature sensitive, like grandparents.

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Help everyone stay warm and have fun by ordering personalised throw blankets. Guests can wear them around their shoulders during your reception and take them home as long-lasting wedding favours. You’ll solve two wedding planning details in one simple step.

2. Create More Outdoor Activities

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If your cloudy wedding day weather makes it more enjoyable to be outside, move some activities outdoors. Have your caterer set up cocktail hour tables on your venue’s porch or open the doors to your reception area so guests can dance outside. You’ll get more use out of your venue space and show off your outdoor decorations that may not get to shine otherwise.

3. Update Your Photography

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Cloudy weather on your wedding day can quickly become an asset to your photographer. They can use dimmed lighting to create a dreamy haze around your couple’s photos or as the background of your wedding video. Avoiding the harsh glares of direct sunlight will make your photos softer and add a romantic ambience to your day.

4. Lean Into the Positive Traditions

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You might think rain on your wedding day is a bad omen, but many people believe it’s good luck because it symbolizes a clean start for your new life together. Lean into the changing weather if it occurs by making it a focal point in your pictures. Pose under monogrammed umbrellas or run through a rain shower as your big reception exit. You’ll have more fun by reframing your mindset on something that doesn’t have to ruin your big day.

5. Hang Extra Lights

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Cloudy weather can dull outdoor lighting. While the sun hides behind the overcast sky, hang extra lights around your venue. Edison bulbs or fairy lights will set the mood for any outside activities and become warm background lighting for your photographer. Whether they’re capturing your cake cutting ceremony or your family dancing the night away, the soft string lights will look fantastic as the clouds help them take centre stage.

6. Serve Hot Drinks

Another way to battle colder temperatures from cloudy weather is to serve hot drinks. Add your wedding hashtag or date to a set of mugs and ask your bartender to use them for warm beverages. They can serve tea and hot chocolate alongside your chosen drinks, opening your menu to anyone who doesn’t want to drink alcohol.

Add a few hot cocktails to your bar menu for those who want to warm their limbs with something different. Blackberry mulled wine is always a crowd-pleaser, but your guests might also enjoy a hot rum punch or Irish coffee. Think about what you’ll serve for your reception meal to pair the best beverage flavours with your entrees and desserts.

Make the Most of Your Wedding

Your wedding will be fantastic even if the weather doesn’t go according to plan. Now that you know how to make the most of a cloudy wedding day, release all your worries. By using the weather as a photography asset and decorating with helpful decor like string lights, nothing will steal your joy during your big day.

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Author Bio: Cora Gold has a passion for writing about life, love and style. She is the Editor-in-Chief for women’s lifestyle magazine and loves using her platform to connect with others who share her passion.