How to Look Natural on Your Wedding Day

It could be said that a wedding day is one of the most important days in every person’s life, regardless of whether a male or a female. However, it’s slightly more important to the gentler gender, as it is the day many girls dream about their whole life. Girls dream about the perfect wedding dress, hairstyle, makeup, shoes, jewellery and accessories.

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Nonetheless, its key importance lies in the fact that the wedding ceremony is a showing of a couple’s love and their vows of eternal love. Read on to learn about how to prepare your wedding and look natural by indulging in some of the most luxurious bridal treatments.

1.   The Importance of a Wedding Day

A wedding is a point in our life after which we usually focus on creating our own family after committing to our partner. The whole process starts with you choosing the right spouse, which is later made official with a wedding ceremony. It is a day you’ll remember forever, and that will live on through your wedding photos. And in order to look like the best version of yourself, you should consider carefully your makeup for the big day. The best bridal makeup is the one in which you feel comfortable and like yourself. This usually involves a minimalist bridal makeup trend – which is classic, simple and suitable for everybody. In order to enhance our natural beauty, we need to focus on our eyes, skin and lips – these are our focal points. It’s essential not to exaggerate with makeup, as it will make us feel uncomfortable, which will show in photos. And to achieve perfect wedding day photos, we need to feel comfortable in front of the camera.

2.   Bridal Eye Makeup

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Eyes are usually the first thing we see on a person, so they play an important role in the wedding ceremony as well. It’s essential to start preparing for your big day sooner than later. You can start by using an eye cream with light diffusers to dab the area lightly around your eyes. As far as the eye makeup for your actual wedding day is concerned, it should include some soft, pastel and earthy colours. The overall effect should be light and sensitive makeup that highlights the bride’s eyes. This is best left to the makeup pros, who will usually run a trial makeup before the big day. Another feature that can add to the natural looks of the bride is some of the best semi-permanent eyelash extensions. They are quite a popular option nowadays as they are easy to maintain, they create voluminous lashes that last up to four weeks and look more natural than typical fake eyelashes.

3.   Bridal Skincare

Every bride to be desires a glowing skin, and this is something that can’t be achieved in a matter of hours. Brides need to take special care with their skin in order to achieve a flawless look on their wedding day. So, to start, develop a skincare routine and make appointments for professional facials, which will refresh your skin. Don’t forget to balance your diet, to eat healthily, to be mindful about the food you take in and to keep yourself and your skin hydrated – this is really important as a base for healthy and glowing skin. Keep your skin free of toxins by sweating them out and remember to keep your skin moisturized at all times. Also, whenever you leave the house, don’t leave your skin unprotected from the sun – it can cause some real damage to your skin.

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4.   Bridal Lip Makeup

Choosing the right lipstick colour for your wedding day can be really tough. It looks like a simple decision but it’s actually not. Depending on your skin tone, yellow or pink, you can choose optimal colours for yourself. Popular shades include bright and bold pinks, classic red, soft pinks and corals, nudes, warmer pinks and orange and deep and dark berries. Your lip colour should compensate for your overly white dress. The way we dress every day and for our wedding is completely different – so, the choice of makeup should differ, too.

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There are so many things a bride needs to consider when it comes to her wedding day. You need to try really hard to even achieve the at-first-sight natural look by making the right beauty choices. The base for natural makeup is a healthy body and skin, and we should definitely start with those and later build with a good skincare routine, natural and yet luscious lashes, a little eye makeup, blush and perfect lip colour.

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