How to Keep the Flame In Your Relationship Alive Long After “I Do”

Every relationship is a work in progress and it is not surprising especially to married ones. Long before you’ve decided to settle down, you should’ve known that the flame in a relationship will never stop there. The flame should remain alive for so long even if you’ve been to many honeymoon destinations.

Individuals involved in a relationship experience myriads of changes, thus, their respective partners must be able to accommodate the unexpected changes as well. This implies that a constant, intimate, and dynamic way may sometimes be done in order to keep the flame alive in one’s relationship.

Keeping the flame alive is important since it will constantly remind you of the moment that brought you together as a couple. Those special memories will move you to keep cherishing your relationship and do all you can to remain faithful to your “I do.”

Check out six ways to keep the flame in your relationship alive long after saying your “I do.”

Establish Personal Goals and Grow Together

For the ladies, one of the first things you do after getting married is you change your name but some don’t do that because of some personal goals. For instance, career women tend to retain their family name since they were able to establish that name long before marriage.

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However, it is important to be open to change. Does your husband know about this or have you only decided on this on your own?

Sharing your ambitions with your partner is essential since it is important to grow in a relationship. Always find time to talk, not to fight. Communication is like the blood in a relationship, your marriage won’t survive without it.

Healthy discussion is also encouraged so you’ll get to know more about each other’s thoughts and viewpoints on certain matters.

Tiny Compliments Nurture

According to the numerous essay writing service reviews on Dissertation Today, “Compliments contribute to better emotional health.” This is in line with a comment from one psychotherapist from Pennsylvania, who says that compliments “help raise your spouse’s dopamine and oxytocin levels.”

This means saying words of appreciation are not mere letters to our spouses, it has a bigger impact especially if we are sincere. And they can feel that sincerity when we say the compliment while looking at their eyes. The eye contact shows we mean every word we tell them.

You don’t have to be a writing expert to compliment your spouse, it may even only take ten seconds to say appreciative words like:

“You look lovely in that dress”

“That pasta is delicious” 

Strengthen the Friendship

Can you still remember the people who went to your housewarming party? Probably, some of them are your friends or his friends. However, since you’ve been married, your spouse became your best friend.

Strengthening your friendship with your spouse will mean getting to know him/her more. Maybe from time to time, you could still arrange a bonding together with your close friends and be able to observe from a distance what your spouse likes or dislikes.

Another way to strengthen your friendship is by extending understanding and unconditional support when he/she needs it. If your partner is happy, be happy for them. On the contrary, if she/he is sad, be a shoulder to cry on. Sometimes no words are needed, just being there for them will make them feel better in no time.

Explore the Power of Touch

The power of touch is one of the key ingredients in maintaining physical intimacy. Romantic touch like holding hands, touching one’s leg, or a simple hug, is a powerful way to strengthen one’s marriage. It’s a form of communication without any words needed.

Physical touch between married individuals will surely bring many benefits to the relationship. For one, it can reduce one’s stress that’s why massage was invented. Even if you are not a professional, massaging your spouse’s head or his/her back is relaxing and can bring a certain feeling of tranquillity.

On the other hand, sensual touch can lead to a more intimate bond between husband and wife, which often leads to reignite their passion or rekindle the flame even after long years of being married.

Fall All Over Again with Small Surprises

Money can’t buy love. That’s for sure since not all things that make us fall in love with a person involves money. Most of the time it is the little gestures of love that make us feel loved and wanted. Those little gestures may be small surprises that may be done often, well daily if possible.

Small gestures of love being made daily or often will have a stronger and long-term impact compared to buying material things with a huge amount of money like purchasing a house or luxurious car.

You don’t have to spend much when you text “good morning” or “I love you” daily to your spouse. We often text them when we were in boyfriend/girlfriend status but how about now that you are married? Do you still text them? Finding time to do so will surely make them feel loved and special.

Other small surprises may be giving them flowers, chocolates, taking them to a simple walk at their favourite amusement park, or perhaps dancing under the moonlight.

Connect by Unplugging

Technology brought distraction to relationships and married couples are not spared from this. Gadgets interfere in spending quality time together even after work. Technology also brought trouble to marriages because extramarital affairs are easier to hide. Thus, you must not let your guard down in letting technology bring your marriage unnecessary problems.

Talk to your spouse on your goal to “unplug” or put down your gadget once inside the house, while you are eating or about to sleep. This will give you more time to focus on your husband or wife and spend quality time together. Remember, it is when you “unplug” that you “reconnect” intimacy with those who matter the most in your life.

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Isabell Gaylord is a professional journalist who also works as an essay writer to help with dissertations while managing paper writing services. She also enjoys travelling.