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  • How to host the perfect outdoor Wedding Ceremony

    Brisbane wedding ceremony, venue, decorator, stylistHow to host the perfect outdoor Wedding Ceremony

    By Abbie Glossop, Schonell Weddings & Events

    1. Have a backup plan

    The biggest risk with choosing an outdoor Ceremony is the inclement weather. Check with your venue to see if a wet weather option is included and establish a procedure for the worst case scenario. Who will be setting the venue, directing guests and making the final call if a move is required?

    Take into account a wet day may also impact on your photography so keep an eye out for potential dry spots around the grounds or use the rain to your advantage to get stunning shots.

    Brisbane wedding ceremony, venue, decorator, stylist

    1. Choose your Ceremony time wisely

    Getting married at high noon in the middle of a Queensland summer will not be comfortable for your fiancé, guests or the photographer. Getting married later in the afternoon will allow you to take advantage of stunning sunsets for bridal photography. Scope out the Ceremony space at the time of the day you plan to have the service and mark your spot. Make sure you are in the shade as you say your vows and have your rehearsal at the same time as the Ceremony is set to take place.

    Brisbane wedding ceremony, venue, decorator, stylist, wedding reception

    1. Provide a few luxuries for you guests

    Guests may often be present at the Ceremony site up to an hour before the Ceremony (think of the grandparents and those who have travelled interstate/internationally) and up to an hour afterwards for photos. Providing some comfort items to keep everyone fresh and hydrated is a nice added touch. Consider this:

    A drink station. Perfect if a Ceremony is in the warmer months or in the heat of the day. This can be a simple water station or something more elaborate depending on your budget.

    Fans. Many guests will use the Order of Service to fan themselves. Small details such as providing a handful of inexpensive paper/bamboo fans will enhance the experience for the guests and may also be used as props in the bridal party photos.

    Insect repellent. If you’re hosting your Ceremony in the Australian summer or close to water it’s likely that mosquitoes won’t be far away. Fragrance free insect repellent or citronella candles will increase the comfort of your guests and can easily be incorporated into the Ceremony Styling.

    Brisbane wedding ceremony, venue, decorator, stylist

    1. Know the Rules

    If you are holding your Ceremony in a public space, ensure you have checked with the local governing body about what you can and can’t do. Things to check for include:

    • Allocated time in the space: there may be other events booked on the day, so confirm setup and finish time.
    • Noise restrictions: there are likely to be noise level restrictions for most public      spaces, find out what they are and stick to them to keep the neighbours happy.
    • Serving of alcohol in the area: ensure you can consume alcohol in the area and what regulations you need to abide by.
    • Décor and Styling: be mindful of artificial scatters and décor and how this impacts on the natural environment. Keep it simple and enhance the natural beauty of the space.

     Brisbane wedding ceremony, venue, decorator, stylist

    1. Become familiar with the space and the environment

    The number of variables in an outdoor service can be stressful. Having a rehearsal is a vital part of the planning process, and helps ensure everything runs smoothly on your special day.

    • Confirm the volume levels of the celebrant’s voice and music during the Ceremony are audible. It is important that all guests can hear the proceedings.
    • Check for any obvious background noise such as trains and road traffic. If required adjust the Ceremony orientation to avoid excess noise.
    • Work out the time it takes you to walk from the car to the Ceremony. Some public areas do not have drop off points in close proximity to the site.
    • Check the weather on the days leading up to the wedding. Keep in mind wind can be worse than rain!

     Brisbane wedding ceremony, venue, decorator, stylist


    Abbie Glossop
    Schonell Weddings & Events

    Abbie is the talented Weddings and Events Coordinator at Schonell Weddings & Events located at the University of Queensland, Brisbane.




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