How to Host a Flower-Arranging Bridal Shower

Wedding planning is a time of life when you have so much to do. There are little and big decisions to be made, and just when you think you’re done with planning, there’s something else that will come up. While it’s exciting to plan your wedding and fun to do with family and friends, it can also be stressful.

Many brides can’t take a stress-relieving vacation, and that’s OK. You can still step back from the planning process for some time to breathe without necessarily putting everything on hold, simply by hosting a flower-arranging bridal shower.

Brides throw flower-arranging showers to get their best friends together and prep for the wedding. Read on to learn how you can host one, so you can get the fun started and forget about your worries.

1. Decide on Your Purpose

It’s going to be so much fun for you and your friends to arrange flowers together, but what will you do with those arrangements once they’re done? Depending on how far off your wedding is, you could use them as centrepieces for your reception tables or aisle decor.


Flower Crown workshops are also a fun way to spend time with your girlfriends.

Don’t sweat it if your wedding isn’t in the near future. A flower arranging bridal shower can be the perfect practice for later on when your wedding is just around the corner. Decide on the purpose of your party so you all have a better idea of what the flowers are for. Let everyone take their arrangements home or decorate your house with what everyone comes up with.

2. Prepare Your Getting Ready Bridal Robes

Have you thought of the perfect outfit for your bridal shower? You probably have a sexy bridal shower outfit ready. But don’t forget your ‘getting ready’ outfit too. It must be comfortable and unique, perfect to wear while doing your makeup or lounging before the big party.

Wearing robes can also make your bridal shower more special because you can take selfies and group photos while wearing elegant robes, perfect to surprise and tease your social media friends. This getting-ready outfit is also a perfect overtop for your sexy swimsuit or any revealing outfit.

You might find floral-design robes to be the perfect outfit for you and your girlfriends in a flower-arranging bridal shower. Luxe getting ready bridal and bridesmaid robes are unique and elegant. But how do you choose the right bridal robes for your party?


Choose luxurious satin dressing gowns to get ready with style in excellent quality floral designs. Because your wedding day is very special, everyone looks beautiful, stylish, and comfortable with silky smooth satin robes.

Every bride has a unique preference for a wedding colour palette. If you’re after a bridal party keepsake robe, you can choose plain pastel satin robes. Modern or non-traditional brides choose printed and colourful robes in high-quality satin fabric as bridesmaids’ gifts or a keepsake robe.

3. Find the Perfect Snacks

No party is officially ready to start without snacks. Stock up on favourite wines and pair them with fun food. Aim for snacks that are more laid back, since everyone will be enjoying them while they work.  Grazing tables are a popular way to prepare these types of snacks.

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4. Get Your Supplies Together

When your shower begins, you should have all the flowers you need, but what other supplies should you stock? It depends on the purpose of your arrangements and what they’ll be used for. Talk with your friends if you’re unsure how to use the arrangements to get ideas. They may want to make smaller ones to give away to guests or send to hotel rooms.

There are a few basic supplies you can get before your shower so everyone has what they need. The first will be vases if your flowers will be sitting on a surface. Next, get a set of rubber gloves and shears, so no one accidentally cuts themselves on thorns or sharp scissors. You should also stock up on floral foam, the green blocks that flowers are traditionally stuck into in the bottom of a vase.

These will all help your arrangements come to life, as well as whatever flower preserve packets are with your order. Remember that you need to maintain any flowers you get that aren’t fake. Wilting flowers never look good in any setting, especially a wedding.

5. Prepare Extra Entertainment

Some people naturally work faster than others, so some of your guests may end up finishing their arrangements before the rest of the party is done. That’s when some extra entertainment comes in handy. No one wants to sit quietly with nothing to do while guests are still arriving or working on arranging their own flowers.

Look into getting adult colouring books that are flower themed, so the event still has that crafty feel you’re looking for. These books have become a major trend, so it won’t look weird if you lay a few out with some new markers before guests arrive. They’ll especially love to colour them if the books are flower-themed.


6. Know Your Flowers

There’s an art to flower arrangements, as some people have a natural eye for design. Don’t worry if you don’t know if you can do it. You can take a class or two to get taught by the best before hosting your party. There are a few design elements you can keep in mind and share with your friends once everyone sits down with their flowers.

  • Start with your greens: Long leafy branches are the base of any flower arrangement, so fill your vase with a few to get things started.
  • Follow with focals: Your greens should then be followed by your focal flowers. These will be the ones that catch your eye the most and make your arrangement pop.
  • End with secondary flowers: Secondary flowers are usually smaller and less bright than focal flowers. They may even be arching flowers that have yet to bloom, giving your arrangement a longer lifespan.

One of the best things about having a flower arrangement party is that you can express your creative self through your blooms. Everyone will end up with something different, bonding with each other along the way. If all the flowers have a uniform look through their colour or type, you can end up with more than enough arrangements for your wedding.

As long as you know what you’re doing, provide snacks and have a backup craft ready, your flower arrangement bridal shower will be a success.

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