How to Honour a Loved One at a Wedding

A wedding is a day full of laughter, smiles, love, and happy tears. Yet, when a loved one is missing from your big day, you may feel the weight of that loss, despite it being the happiest day of your life. Finding a way to pay tribute to them in a thoughtful and appropriate way can help ease any feelings of grief during your wedding day.

There are many different ways to honour a loved one who has passed away at your wedding, and how you do it is entirely up to you. Some people might choose a public memorial, while others would prefer a more intimate occasion. The best course of action when selecting a wedding memorial concept is to consult with individuals who are affected directly before making a choice.


Wedding Memorial Ideas

If everyone is on board and you’re searching for innovative wedding memorial ideas, go through these touching ways to remember loved ones who have passed at your wedding.

1.    Add a Note to Your Ceremony Program

A heartfelt tribute to your loved one can be part of the wedding ceremony program. Everyone will get a chance to read the tribute this way, and the celebration will still be positive.

2.    Reserve a Seat for Them

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You can keep your loved one’s memory close by reserving a seat for them toward the front. Additionally, you can choose to place a personal item or photo in their reserved seat to showcase their life and love for you.

3.    Light a Candle During the Service

Candles are a wonderful way to remember loved ones who have passed away and to show that, even if their physical presence is missed, they are still here in spirit. During your ceremony, light a candle in their honour. Your officiant or wedding planner can help you decide where to place the touching moment in your order of service.

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4.    Speak to Their Memory During the Ceremony

You can set aside some time throughout the ceremony to talk about your deceased loved one’s memory and what they meant to you. You will get the chance to talk openly about your relationship with them and share from the heart. Emotions already run high on your wedding day, so make sure to carefully assess whether this might become too emotional.

5.    Name Something After Them

Choose a part of your reception to name after a late loved one as a touching tribute. You could name the bar station after them and serve their favourite drink throughout the reception.

6.    Showcase Family Photos

You can showcase framed photos of your passed loved ones as a considerate and subtle way to include them in your special day. Create an installation on your guestbook table using a few of your best images so that your visitors may see and enjoy it as well.

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7.    Play Their Favourite Song

If your late loved one had a favourite song or singer, you can play a song to remember them by. Whether you have a band or a DJ ask them to incorporate a few tribute songs so that your loved ones’ memory is present throughout the night.

8.    Choose a Sentimental Location

The time of year, amount of guests and other variables can all influence where and how you hold your wedding. However, you may also take into account picking a location that has significance to the loved one who has passed away.

9.    Wear a Possession of Theirs

A charming approach to keep your late loved one near to your heart for every second of your special day is to wear their cufflinks with your suit or incorporate a piece of their jewellery into your wedding day outfit.

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10. Set Aside a Private Memory

If you’d prefer not to make a big display in honour of your deceased friend or family member, make time during the wedding for a private moment instead. This enables you to have the chance to pay your respects in solitude during a brief period of silence amidst the chaos of the big day.

It’s never easy to experience milestones without your loved ones there, especially if they’ve passed. Your wedding day is no exception. However, honouring them in private or public ways can help you stay connected with them during one of the happiest moments in your life.

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Wedding Memorial Table