How to Help Your Fiance Feel Confident Before the Wedding

There are many articles on how to help the shy bride feel more confident before the wedding but there is almost no advice for the nervous fiance. We decided that this was not fair because men can also worry, although they do not like to talk about it. In this article, we have gathered some tips for grooms who need to pull themselves together before the wedding and feel confident in their decision.


Accept That There Is Nothing Wrong with You

According to statistics, 92% of brides are nervous before and during the wedding day. But in this article, we are talking about men! The nervous system of men and women is arranged in the same way. Both sexes tend to be nervous before an important event.

The only difference is that girls are more emotional, and it is easier for them to share their feelings, while men are not inclined to talk about feelings and emotions. Even with this difference, wedding jitters are normal for both brides and grooms.

Therefore, start by accepting the fact that nothing extraordinary, dangerous or unusual happens to you. Moreover, nervous excitement or even pre-wedding doubts are perfectly normal. This suggests that you are consciously making a serious decision. Of course, you have the right to doubt, worry, or even fear. Especially if the family life of your parents or friends did not work out.

However, you and your bride are a different story. And you are going to be happy.

Solve the Organisational Issues

As a rule, brides are much more involved in the process of organising a wedding. This does not mean that men do not care – they just have different priorities. However, if you have free time that you spend on doubts and worries, then the best way to overcome them is to simply occupy your brain and hands with something useful.

For example, help your bride organise the wedding, start planning your honeymoon, or choosing names for your unborn children.

As Dale Carnegie wrote, be busy. This is the cheapest medicine. And one of the most effective.

Talk to Your Friends

Most men are not too inclined to discuss their experiences with friends, but this is the case when your effort can justify the result. Talk to your married friend. Ask him to remember his worries and share them with you. Most likely, he doubted and was nervous just like you. Perhaps, if you hear that the nervous state before the wedding is normal from a person that you trust, it will become easier for you to realise that you are not the first and not the last man in a similar situation.

Talk to Your Bride

With a high degree of probability, your bride also refers to that 92% of girls who are nervous before the wedding. The ability to talk about your feelings, worries, and expectations is a useful skill that can make your family life happier. Start practising and talk with your bride about what is bothering you.

You can even do a joint exercise. Write your fears and feelings on a piece of paper and discuss each one. Of course, it is impossible to foresee all situations, but practice shows that the “agreement before the ship departs” works better than the “agreement along the way”.

In addition, recording anxieties and fears helps formulate them more clearly. Once you are aware of your doubt, you are already on your way to dealing with it.

So, perhaps, this exercise will be enough to conquer your joint pre-wedding fears, create a backup strategy, and start enjoying the expectation of this wonderful day.

Talk to a Marriage Counsellor

If none of the previous tips helped, schedule a consultation with a counsellor. They will ask you questions, the answers to which will help you deal with pre-wedding fears. In most cases, even a single visit will be enough to face your doubts and find a state of inner comfort and confidence.

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Make Sure Your Wedding Fits Your Budget

Very often, pre-wedding fears are related to the issue of money. Especially if you did not make a detailed estimate and did not participate in budget planning. Therefore, if inwardly it seems to you that your worries are also associated with the amount that is planning to be spent on the wedding, you still have some time to review the financial plan.

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This advice will be especially useful if you plan to borrow money to organise a chic celebration, and do not yet understand how you will pay it back. Perhaps it makes sense to reconsider your decision and make the wedding more prudent, (but no less beautiful) so that the issue of money does not trigger your doubts.

Practice Meditation

This is a tip that is great for many stressful situations. A wedding is in any case stress, although expected and long-awaited. Meditation will help you cope with the fast pace of your heart, dizziness, and cold feet before marriage.

If you feel that your body begins to give such alarming signals, sit down, close your eyes, and begin to breathe deeply. You can count your breaths, or imagine yourself near the ocean, or imagine that everything has already happened. By the way, the latest visualization technique in combination with meditation is perhaps the best wedding cold feet advice.

Take Care of Yourself

Wedding preparations can exhaust even the calmest groom. On your wedding day, you definitely need to get a good night’s sleep, have breakfast, and tell yourself that this is the best day of your life. Everything has already been planned and prepared, your decision is final and this is one of the best decisions in your life, and everything will be fine.

And by the way, do not refuse the help and care of relatives. If your cousin who came from Alaska wants to take care of you, let her do it.

Conclusion – Remember That This Is Your Day

After everything has happened, most newlyweds say that they were nervous much more than it was worth. Remember that you are surrounded by friends and relatives, your beloved girl promised to be with you all her life, and everyone around you loves you and is happy for you. Even if some small details get out of the plan, this is not a disaster. Your emotions are much more important.


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