How to Have a Big Wedding on a Small Budget

Few moments in life match the thrill of walking down the aisle and exchanging vows of forever with your significant other. As such, weddings call for meticulous arrangements to ensure that each element contributes to the glamour of the event.

However, many people believe that a glamorous wedding should come at a high cost. This article analyzes the approaches to preparing a memorable wedding without crashing into unbearable debt.

As you plan for your wedding, you could use your skills to increase your wedding budget. Let’s dive into the tips for having a big wedding on a small budget without further ado.

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  1. Plan Your Guest List

Having set aside time to witness your wedding, the least you can do for your guests is treat them to delightful cuisine. However, wedding meals may absorb a massive portion of your budget, limiting the expenditure on other essentials.

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To manage this, you should carefully select your guests and limit your guests to family and close acquaintances. Besides saving you money on food, this helps you to quickly locate a venue and mobilise your guests through various activities.

If possible, it is best to invite people you have communicated with within the last four months. This is because they are the ones who are actively involved in your present life.

  1. Make the Most of Your Backyard

Like many events, modern shows have redefined wedding venues to botanical grounds and halls. While the scenery on hired grounds makes for captivating photography, they cost a considerable figure unobtainable under a small budget.

For an affordable, meticulous venue, consider your backyard as it is free of charge and accommodates a small audience. However, set aside some money and rent flowers, plants, and decorations to bring the glamour and set the ambience of your arena.

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  1. Photography

With much cheer shrouding your wedding day, you require a keepsake to remind you of your memorable entry to a new phase of life. While you may be tempted to splurge on the best videographer, you should consider allowing an upcoming star to help capture your memorable event.

Unlike established professionals, upcoming talents offer quality videos for a fraction of what their renowned counterparts charge. Similarly, consider hiring a forthcoming band and DJ for the reception or settle for karaoke, thus indulging your guests in the day’s entertainment.

  1. Wedding Attire

The bride and the groom are the centrepieces to all the glamour of the wedding. They should don regalia that highlights the beauty and charm of the bride and the groom.

Among the wedding attire, the bride’s gown is the most expensive. The dress is a one-day attire that ends up packed in a box in the basement.

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Consider hiring the bride’s gown for the day, thus avoiding the high cost of buying a personal gown. Similarly, the groom and the bridal party should settle for tailor-made attire over designer suits and dresses.

For the hairdo, contact a hairdressing school as they charge less than the cost of hiring a stylist for the bride and the bridal party.

  1. Transportation

Fuel and transportation are among the easy to forget and most necessary expenses for your wedding. To manage transport costs, settle for a reception close to your ceremony location or select a venue that accommodates all activities.

Also, settle for wide-scale modes of transport that can accommodate your entire bridal team. These modes may include limos or party buses and make for an excellent experience for your guests. However, set aside money for two special vehicles for you and your partner.


Finally, avoid hiring posh cars and settle for vintage models which add on to glamour without upsetting your budget for the wedding.

  1. Selecting Your Wedding Date

When planning for weddings, couples prefer the weekend when people are free from their commitments. As such, venues are priced higher on weekends as per the demand.

For better deals, settle for a day with lower demand. However, engage your guests to find a day that suits you all. This ensures a positive turnout without forcing your guests to forfeit their urgent chores.

  1. DIY

When working on a budget, every cent should go towards an essential task. As such, you may opt to forfeit printed invitations and menus and settle on handmade menus, invitations, and decorations.

You may also opt for digital invitations, thus skipping the cost of printing and postage.

Final Verdict

Planning a wedding is a costly task. However, a glamorous wedding is not a benefit reserved for the wealthy. These tips will help you make the most of your small budget and make a memorable day.

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