How To Get Your Groom Involved In Wedding Planning

A wedding is a unique ceremony filled with love, a moment that one will cherish forever. On this day, the bride and the groom start a new chapter of their lives, a chapter filled with love and excitement about all the amazing things that are about to come. And although everyone looks forward to their wedding day, it still requires extensive preparations. The process of planning a wedding is indeed a beautiful thing but is also quite stressful. That is why the bride and the groom should do this together, and plan out every single detail. It is a fact that sometimes the future husband tends to leave the bride to do the majority of wedding-related preparations by herself.

If you are one of those brides and want to get your groom more involved in the process of your wedding planning, follow these tips.

Listen to him

Organize a nice dinner at your favourite restaurant and talk about your fiancé’s ideas for the wedding. From the big things that include the venue of the ceremony to the guest lists and details related to decoration, talk everything through.

Plan your wedding together and ask him how much he wants to be involved. For example, if he is a foodie, he might want to decide on the catering and the cake, but might want to let you pick the flower arrangements.

Get creative together

Make together certain details that will be a part of the wedding ceremony. This can be a video presentation that will actually be a short film telling your love story to your guests, or it can be a playlist of all of the love songs that you like to listen to when you are together. You can also choose a song that will be played during your first dance as a married couple, or if your groom has a music talent, he can compose and/or play a unique, romantic song for your wedding.

Or you could get crafty and make your wedding invitations. It may take some time, but you can use different apps and tricks to create one-of-a-kind invitations for your family and friends and have some fun time while doing so.

Split the responsibilities

Wedding planning is a joyful but, at the same time, a very complicated task, which includes a number of factors that you need to pay attention to. You have to find photographers whose work you like, and organize meetings with them to decide which one you will eventually hire.

The same applies to music bands, catering, wedding cake, and so on. All of this can easily make you feel confused and overwhelmed. That is why the groom should participate in these tasks, and make everything a bit less stressful for both of you. If photography, taste testing, or something else isn’t his strong suit, he can help by storing all the important contacts in one place, for example.

You can motivate your groom by gifting him an elegant card holder wallet that will serve the purpose but also be a fashionable accessory that he will be able to use afterwards. There is no doubt that a little present such as this one will spark joy in any future groom, showing him that, amid all the wedding preparations, you still think of him and want him to know that you care about him.

Involve his family and friends

Undoubtedly, any bride will first call her mum, sister, and best friend to discuss all the wedding-related matters. However, if you don’t include the groom’s side of the family and his friends into the process of planning, he will certainly feel somewhat left out, even if you had absolutely no intention of doing so. That is why it is important to, for instance, take your fiancé’s sister with you when you go wedding dress shopping or when you are about to do a wedding planning task that you think she might be interested in participating in.

Let his friends help him plan and have their input. In the same manner, as your girlfriends will help you choose your and their hairstyle and makeup, the groom’s friends can together figure out what kind of suits will be best for them.

Don’t forget about the honeymoon

This may be the most exciting part of wedding planning, which definitely deserves to be tackled by both the bride and the groom. Choose a destination that you both love and want to visit, and make sure that you are aware that this is not just an ordinary vacation. It is a well-deserved, relaxing time after a period of hectic planning and crazy wedding party.

Finally, don’t forget to laugh a lot and have fun while planning the most magnificent day of your life with the man of your dreams.