How To Customize Your Engagement Ring To Fit Your Wedding Ring Design

In the past, wedding rings were made to be plain and simple. After all, the ring was simply a band that’s meant to indicate that a man or a woman was married. Today, it’s more than just that. You’ll see wedding rings of all makes, colours, designs, and with all sorts of diamonds in it.

For women, most notably, there’s now that added criteria to match the wedding ring and engagement ring. Since this is a piece of jewellery that they wear every day, at the very least, they need to match and look good together. Also, remember that you’ll wear these two pieces of jewellery as long as you stay in love and married. The best you can do is to have both complement each other.

If you’re soon walking down the aisle, but still haven’t had your wedding rings made, you’re in the right place. Here, you’ll find some of the essential tips for customising your engagement ring so it fits your wedding ring design:


  1. Have In Mind The Cut Of Your Engagement Ring

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For this first tip, you’re adjusting the wedding ring to match the style of the engagement ring. This is an excellent tip to follow, particularly when you’ve just bought a costly engagement ring, and making modifications isn’t an option. Perhaps it could even be the case that your bride is so in love with her engagement ring to the extent that she doesn’t want to change anything about it.

When this is the case, then the adjustment must be the other way around. Have in mind the cut of your engagement ring so that your wedding ring can be made to adjust to it instead.

That said, here are some pointers to remember:

  • With a classic solitaire engagement ring, you’ve got more versatility. You can either go for the traditional and plain wedding ring or a diamond-studded one.
  • With engagement rings that are shoulder set with diamonds, have in mind the stones or diamonds of the engagement ring. In doing so, you can have a wedding band made with diamonds that go well with the engagement ring stones.


  1. Adjust The Size Or Band Of The Engagement Ring

The focal point of an engagement ring is usually the diamond itself. So, if there’s anything that you can freely adjust, this would be the band.

When your wedding ring is being made, be sure that you’re wearing your engagement ring. In doing so, you’ll be aware whether your engagement ring can interlock or sit comfortably with your wedding band.

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Or you can have the jeweller customise the band of your engagement ring with these pointers in mind:

  • If you wish to opt for a straight wedding ring, make sure that your engagement ring also allows for it. Otherwise, there could be an awkward gap or space that you may not be very comfortable.
  • If you decide on a curved or contoured wedding band, this can better cradle an asymmetrical or vintage-style engagement ring.


  1. Match The Metals Of Your Band

Another way to go about with your style factor is to match the metal colours of your band. With the wedding ring, there’s very little room for you to adjust.

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First off, you and your groom may want to have the same colour as the band. So, to ensure a better match or fit, you can have your engagement ring re-coloured or re-made by the jeweller, such that the metal colours don’t clash. Therefore, you must know each other’s personalities very well so you can choose the right engagement ring.


  1. Consider The Size Of The Diamonds

Whenever both of your rings have diamonds in them, you want to ensure that one will not overpower the other. Otherwise, it’ll just look like there’s too much going on. So, if you wish to have many diamonds on your wedding ring, adjust the diamonds on your engagement ring, if there are too many.

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Whatever extra diamonds or stones you have from the adjustment, you can have other pieces of jewellery made, such as earrings. A good jeweller should be able to do this for you.


Today, most engagement rings are made and designed with the end goal that it should sit flush comfortably with the wedding ring. For women, these two pieces of jewellery are often inseparable.

These tips should be more than enough to help your wedding ring and engagement ring to go perfectly together as one set.