How to Coordinate a Destination Wedding in London

A London wedding is a beautiful thing! However, if you’re not already living in the area, it’s going to be hard to get everyone there on time. London can be pretty bustling at the best of times, but when you’ve got a venue to get to, the traffic is going to move slower than ever!

But seeing as this should be one of the happiest days of your life, coordinating your destination wedding shouldn’t be something you’re not ready for. And with our little guide down below, it certainly won’t turn into too much of a challenge!

Pexels Image – CC0 Licence

Get to Know London

If you want to get married here, take some time to get to know the city. If you’ve been a few times on holiday you’ll have a head start, but you should also plan another trip just to get to know how to get around the city.

Find out where’s good to eat and drink, where’s nice to spend some time alone in the peace and quiet, and what shops have the best deals if people want to buy last minute wedding presents! You can do this in a couple days but we suggest giving it at least a week – it all depends on how fast you can walk down the escalators on the underground!

Get as Many Guests on the Same Transport as Possible

If you can, funnel as many guests as you can through the same airport or station as you can. This will make things a lot easier for multiple reasons. Firstly, it means you can meet them all in the same spot and then help them get to their hotel. You’re unlikely to miss anyone and can simply hop back and forth between the terminal and where they need to go.

Secondly, if they’re arriving on the same day that the wedding is taking place, you can book their bags into something like the luggage storage st pancras station offers and then whisk them straight to the venue. Sticking to this point just makes everything easier!

Get a Hotel Near the Venue

The less you have to walk and try to traverse the dangerous (re: grimy and muddy) streets of London, the easier it’s going to be to keep your wedding outfits in good condition. So get a hotel as close to the venue as you can manage. If you can stay in the venue, all the better!

This might make the booking a bit pricier than you want it to be, but for the sake of convenience on your big day, this is definitely a winning tip. Double check if the guests want to stay in the hotel before you actually book up all the rooms; you could save yourself a lot of money if people would prefer to sort accommodation of their own.

Pick Your Backdrops Early

London has some pretty iconic landmarks to it – which ones do you want the photos taken in front of? You’re only going to be able to fit a few in, so make sure you choose them ahead of time; around two to three would be good.

Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, and Big Ben are the most popular for this purpose, but you can select any of the landmarks in London for your wedding photos. No matter how niche the landmark itself is, if you want it in the wedding album, go for it. London has a classic look to it and that will always look good when there’s a happy couple in front of it.

Don’t Worry About the Caterers

London has some of the best restaurants and catering companies in the world. Plus, London is a cultural melting pot in the western world, meaning you’ll be able to order whatever cuisine(s) you’d like. You don’t have to opt for a roast dinner and all the trimmings here, unless you absolutely want to!

You can choose whatever menu you’d like and probably won’t cost much more than getting married in your local area. London food tends to be made with heart and soul too, so have a try of as many tasting menus as you fancy before you book.

A destination wedding in London will make for a magical day. Just make sure everyone knows the plan well ahead of time! London is also pretty easy to get lost in, so in case of a missing guest, hand out maps and clear directions to everyone on the invite list.