How To Choose Your First Bed As A Newly-Wed Couple

As a newlywed couple, your wedding jitters are finally over. Both of you are satisfied with the wedding being a success. And it’s now time to start living life together with your loved one. One of the accessories you need is a bed in your new home.

The new bed will signify your union as a couple. It’s best to take your time to find the right bed.  How will you choose your first bed as a newlywed couple?

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Here’s a guide to assist you:

1. Look At The Mattress Size

This tip is handy if you already have a mattress, maybe as one of your wedding gifts. The ideal bed is the one in which your mattress fits.

Mattresses come in different styles, which serve different functions besides providing a surface where you lay at the end of the day. For instance, your mattress could be a pocket spring to help with back issues. This mattress has springs within it. Here, it’s best to use a box bed that’ll provide optimum comfort. As the springs move about when you lay on them, the edges of the bed will control the spring movement at the ends.

The above are some of the aspects to consider. It’d help to ask your vendor about the best bed for your type of mattress.

2. Consider Bed Size

The bed size is crucial; you want a bed that comfortably accommodates the two of you. There are various aspects to consider concerning bed size.

One aspect is both of your heights. Here, use the height of the tallest one between the two of you to determine the length of your body. Add approximately 12cm to this height for more room.

You also want to choose the right bed width. The bed should be wide enough to allow you to move around. If you plan on having children in the future, you should consider this. There are times they might hop in bed with you. Ensure the bed is wide enough for these needs so that you don’t need to get a bigger bed during this time.

Lastly, your bedroom size also determines the bed size to get. Your bed size should give room to hold your wardrobe and serve other functions. It’s in addition to allowing traffic flow.

3. Factor In The Type Of Bed

Just like there are different types of mattresses, there are different types of beds. The difference often arises with the features.

For instance, there are beds with legs, others with storage space, and others that come as a platform or box. Suppose one of you has back or joint issues. A bed with long legs isn’t an ideal choice since climbing into bed daily might become a struggle.



Suppose your bedroom is of a moderate size without much room for storage, or you have many clothes to store. A bed with storage compartments is the way to go. These beds have drawers in which you can store some of your clothes.

Here, your needs should guide your choice.

4. Consider Bed Quality

There are many bed manufacturers in the market. Each manufacturer uses different raw materials and production techniques to arrive at the final product. Therefore, the quality of beds is often in question.

As you start this journey together, you want a bed that’ll stand the test of time and serve you in the years of your marriage. Based on this, you should consider the bed brand you buy.

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It’d help to use the internet to find out the best bed manufacturers in the market. Look at the reputation and reviews of the suggestions you get. Here, your focus should be on the quality of their products. Are there customers complaining about issues they’ve had with a given bed manufacturer? These are the brands to avoid.

Ultimately, you want to choose a brand whose beds’ quality has never been questioned over the years. It more or less assures you that you’ll get similar convenience from your purchase.

5. Look At The Costs

As you planned for and executed your wedding, there’s a probability you spent thousands of dollars to make the day a success. Therefore, as you buy a bed after your wedding, you want to reduce your expenditure as much as possible.

Based on this, it’s important to factor in the cost of your bed. It’d help to work with a budget, which will depict the maximum amount of money you want to spend on your bed.

The right bed will be the one that meets all your needs while being within your budget. Even as you work with a budget, it’s important not to buy the least expensive bed you’ll find.


Settling after the wedding bells can, at times, be stressful. Where do you start? It’s a question you might ask. This post has helped bring down one worry: getting the ideal bed as a newlywed couple. It has given a guide to making the process faster and less stressful. Highly consider implementing the guide herein; you won’t regret it.