How to Choose the Perfect Honeymoon Destination

A difficult choice that many newly married couples face is choosing a honeymoon destination. With so many bustling cities and pristine beaches around the world, how can you possibly choose a honeymoon location? It’s not easy. And that’s something many couples will tell you too. To help with this difficult decision, we put together some tips on how to choose the perfect honeymoon destination.

Establish a Budget

Weddings are expensive. And so are honeymoons. Even if you want to travel all the way to the Caribbean, you need to first consider whether taking that trip is financially feasible. If your wedding has already taken a sizable chunk out of your savings, you may need to tone down your budget to what you can actually afford to spend.

First, sit down with your partner and set a realistic budget. Having some figures to work with will give you a better idea of where you can go and what you can do. For example, if your max is $2,000 then taking a honeymoon in Panama is likely out of the question as airfares alone are well over $1,000 each. That’s not to say you can’t have an enjoyable honeymoon on a budget. There are plenty of deals you can find such as the Sri Lanka honeymoon package that offers incredible destinations and great savings.

Determine The Trip Length

In a perfect world, you would have your honeymoon for as long as you could. You would spend several weeks in one location and set off to another for a few more weeks. Unfortunately, there are many factors that might limit the actual time you can have for your honeymoon. These might include personal and professional commitments like work schedules.

Most honeymoons are typically about a week but yours will likely vary. Once you establish a budget and determine how long the honeymoon will be, you’ll want to send in advanced notices to your work as early as possible to get the days off. The same goes for your partner too. If you only have a few vacation days left, you could consider saving them for a longer trip at a future date.

Narrow Down Your Options

Start off by making a list of your top destinations with your partner. Then simply pick one from each list and research those in more detail. Obviously, you’ll want to discard locations that are outside of your budget. That will help make things easier. Think about the kind of scenery that you would like to see too. If you’re hoping for something more tropical or mountainous, those can help you narrow down the destination.

Another factor to consider is the weather at the location. If you want to spend time with your partner basking in the sun, you’ll want to avoid going during its rainy or winter seasons. You can easily search online to determine what a local area’s weather is like throughout the year.

Start Booking Now

Once you have finally settled on a location, don’t wait any longer. Flights and accommodation options tend to fill up quickly especially for more popular honeymoon destinations. Even if there are vacancies available, you’ll likely end up spending much more the closer you get to your departure date. Book all flights and accommodation as early as possible to secure your spots and avoid any last-minute stress.

We hope this list will help you out as you choose the perfect honeymoon location to celebrate your marriage! 

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