How to Choose the Perfect Bridal Shoes

Buying your bridal shoes can be a hard task for many brides. There are so many options to consider, so here are some handy hints on how to choose the perfect bridal shoes.

1. Design

A wedding shoe is traditionally white with a little sparkle or pattern, but some brides opt for a more unique design or even colour. A blue wedding shoe, for instance, will make a statement and be your “something blue”. From a high princess shoe with bows to casual thongs, it’s best to get the right shoe to match your dress and style of wedding.

2. Comfort

The height of the heel is an important factor as comfort is essential.  You need to be able to dance the night away without getting sore feet and a limp at the end of the night. Some of the most popular choices for comfortable bridal shoes are mid heels, wedge heels and ballet flats.

3. Style

Do you prefer closed in or open shoes?

If you are having your wedding in a church or venue, a more traditional shoe is recommended with elegance and a small heel. However, if you are having a beach or garden wedding, heels are certainly not recommended as they sink in the sand or grass. You must consider either wearing flats, a thick heel or wedges for the grass and thongs, wedges or foot jewellery for the beach.

4. Shoe station or provide shoes for your guests

If you decide to have a beach wedding, a shoe station at the start of the beach is recommended for guests to be able to remove their shoes before walking on the sand. A shoe valet or basket is the way to go. Some brides even provide thongs for their guests to wear during the ceremony.

For further recommendations regarding shoes to wear on your big day, please contact one of our professional wedding planners.