How to Choose the Best Diamond Engagement Ring?

Choosing a diamond engagement ring can be a tedious task, especially when you are a first-time buyer. To determine the best diamond ring, you need to narrow down the diamonds according to their shape and size. You can find diamonds in different shapes, such as round, cushion cut, and rectangular. Round shaped engagement diamond rings are in high demand. If you are looking for something unique, you can choose a ring with a cushion-cut diamond.

Why The Right Jeweller Matters

A wedding proposal is a stepping stone to enjoying a wonderful life with your beloved partner. One thing that never goes missing in a proposal is an engagement ring. This piece of jewellery will serve as the timeless symbol of everlasting love. If you’re planning to propose to your partner or looking for an engagement ring together, choose the right jeweller.

It’s best to look for a dealer or jeweller specialising in engagement rings, as they’re more likely to be trusted in the field. Also, you can ask for recommendations from your family or friends who have recently tied the knot.

Before browsing a dealer’s engagement ring collection, the first thing to consider is their reputation and credibility to ensure you’re not wasting your time.

You can decide the weight or caret of the diamond according to your budget. For example, if you have a small budget, you can select a diamond between 0.95 and a 1.08 carat.

Tips for Choosing the Best Diamond Engagement Ring

You need to check the cut quality of the diamond. When buying engagement rings from a reputable dealer, they would explain the cut and quality of the diamond and the metal in detail. You’d be provided with information that would help you understand the explanation given by the jeweller. In the following section, you will find some tips to choose the best diamond engagement rings.

  • The diamond price depends on its shape or cut. Make sure to check the cut of the diamond before you choose. Round shaped diamonds are the most expensive. You can choose pear or marquise-shaped diamonds to save you cost. If you want a diamond with more carats, but you have a limited budget, you can select an alternative to a round-shaped diamond.
  • Diamond engagement rings are mostly designed with yellow gold, white gold, silver, or platinum. You can find a few shops online that offer diamond rings designed with rose gold metal. Platinum looks similar to silver, but it is more expensive than yellow gold. You can choose the metal of your diamond ring according to your budget and lifestyle.
  • If you are looking for a large diamond, you need to choose a diamond with a higher carat.  If you want to save costs, then you can choose a diamond with an odd weight. For example, instead of selecting a one-carat diamond, you can select .92 carat diamond ring.
  • Always buy certified diamonds. You will find some reliable shops available that offer certified diamond rings. The diamonds are tested in accredited laboratories. Make sure to check their certificates before you buy them. Also, you can find a picture of the diamond on the certificate. Check this picture and match it with the diamond.


Deciding On A Diamond Colour And Cut

Diamonds are a colourless stone, and you need to check their clarity before you choose. You can pick an I or K coloured diamond for your engagement rings. Or you can select K coloured diamond for a yellow gold ring. The diamond-cut gives it that gorgeous and sparkling look that we love.

Although the best diamond colour grade is D or colourless, it’s not the best colour for engagement rings, especially if you’re trying to cut costs for your wedding. Your diamond colour can also be G, H, or I, which are a lot cheaper than the colourless option.

It would be best if you concentrate on the diamond cut to choose the best engagement ring.  The cut of the diamond makes a difference in how it shines. It determines the proportioning and polish of the stone, so a well-polished one would mean better luminescence and sparkle, making an excellent engagement ring overall. Light would reflect from the various lines cut into the diamond, which we see when looking at the gem.

Before purchasing, ask the jeweller to show the different settings and cuts of diamond and explain how they will make a difference to the final product.

Finding The Right Metal Type

You can find jewellery shops online that offer customized diamond engagement rings. You can choose the best diamonds according to their cut, clarity, and carat and put them in the best metal like gold, silver, or platinum to make your ring different.

A person’s skin tone would impact how various metals look against their skin. It would be good to compare the metals in the store to see if they would be as beautiful as imagined. After all, the person wearing the ring would love to show off their newest piece of jewellery to their friends and family with pride.

Although the metals aren’t all in the same price range, the fact that they look stunning on that special someone’s finger makes them priceless.

Choose Custom Engagement Rings

Custom engagement rings are suitable for those who don’t know what their partners want and prefer to use their own designs. Using workable design templates, you can work with a local or online jeweller to craft the best diamond engagement ring.

Include your girlfriend in the engagement design process to see how delighted and satisfied she would be with the overall look of her ring. If you want to keep the element of surprise, you can ask for some suggestions from her friends and relatives. In that way, you can design the perfect custom engagement ring that suits her style and taste.

While creating custom engagement rings may take a little bit of time than ready-made ones, you gain peace of mind knowing that your fiancée will love her engagement ring. The ring tells your story and reflects her personality and style. Moreover, customized engagement rings can work with your budget.

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You can choose a diamond cut, shape, or setting that looks bigger but costs less. For instance, four-prong settings can make the diamond look more prominent, whereas six-prong mountings make it appear smaller because the diamond’s surface is covered with more metal. Other engagement ring design tips to make the stones larger include bezel settings, thin bands, and halo settings.


It is better to search for diamond wholesalers online. They usually work with retailers, but some can offer you customized services on demand. They can provide the best quality diamond at a lesser price, and you can then customize your diamond engagement ring setting.

A diamond engagement ring shows the world that we profess our never-ending love to another person. Regardless of the price and suggestions from others, the person wearing it should be happy and proud to put it on their finger.

Finding the right engagement ring is like finding that once-in-a-lifetime love. They are hard to come by, but once they do, hold onto them and never let go.