How to Choose a Perfect Venue for Your Wedding?

5 Tips

The moment you decide to get married, almost nothing else matters. Everything else becomes optional. You can ditch a designer dress for a suit, skip extravagant décor, or forgo a wedding cake, however, the only thing you can’t compromise upon is the venue.

Though it isn’t at all easy to find a perfect venue. And with so many options to choose from, the selection further becomes more difficult. There are beautiful open grounds, nice halls, elegant ballrooms, stunning barns, a cosy restaurant, and a quiet beachside resort, all of them are exotic venues. So, how to choose a perfect venue for your wedding?

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Finally, the choice is all yours. However, to help you with the selection here, we have curated the rock-solid tips that you must keep in mind while finalizing the decision.

1. Hire a Wedding Planner

Experts suggest hiring a wedding planner before finalizing a venue as local planners give the best insights on varied venues. Also, a whole lot of technical skills and creativity go into transforming an ordinary location into your dream wedding venue. This is only possible by an experienced wedding planner.

Additionally, hiring a planner leaves you with a lot of time to finally focus on your last-minute shopping, personal touches, and other personal stuff to live your fairytale wedding day to the fullest.

2. Don’t Simply Guess the Guestlist

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Next, it is nearly impossible to decide on a venue when you aren’t aware of the guest list. So, first things first, confirm the number of expected guests for the wedding.

If maximum guests respond positively, there will be a space shortage and if most of them decline the invitation, the whole space will be a waste. Also, most often parents keep on inviting guests at the last moment. All of them aren’t good practice. It affects the budget as well as the choice of venue severely.

Therefore, firstly, finalize the number of guests in advance and then accordingly select the wedding venue.

3. Decide the Budget

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Budget fixation is a primary task when you decide to get married. Start with allocating the budget to different categories and then coming straight to the venue. Always start with other categories and leave the venue for the last. Otherwise, if you decide to budget for the venue at first, you may go overboard, this will leave you with little budget to finish with everything else.

Next, decide whether or not the venue suits your budget as there will be a separate expenditure clause for decorations. If not, either look for a different venue or cut down expenses on décor.

4. Check What Other Venues are Offering


Some venues offer you in-house food, beverages, and décor. So, get an understanding of their packages and then tally it with the rates you currently are paying for food, beverages, and décor. Often, such venues offer everything at a minimal rate package. So, you should not hurry the process of finalizing a venue. Instead, check on other competition venues about their services, offerings, and packages.

Also, you must understand that the in-house décor will be quite simple yet will suit everyone. However, if you want something extravagant or more specific for decorations, either choose a different venue or talk to the staff, if there are provisions for modifications.

5. Make Your Mind Up About Your Dream Wedding Venue

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It is very important to stay true to your personality while planning for a wedding. Often couples check out wedding themes on the internet and go for something very similar on their D-day. However, such themes aren’t true to them as they don’t represent them. This is more of a fantasy than reality.

So, the perfect wedding venue is the one that showcases all your dreams and truly represents your personality.


A wedding is an important and big event for couples. While everything else doesn’t matter, venue selection requires careful planning. You simply can’t overlook a wedding venue. So, we have curated a step-by-step guide to choosing a perfect wedding venue for you.

Always keep in mind the above-mentioned expert tips while choosing the venue of your dreams. Also, never rush the process to compare rates, packages, and discounts offered by different competitor venues in your locality to grab the best possible deal.