How To Arrange A Limo Hire For Your Special Day

For most people, the wedding day is one of their most awaited moments. After all, it’s a celebration of your life-long commitment to your significant other. Because of how momentous this occasion is, it’s common to want to splurge on this special day and make it as spectacular and luxurious as possible.

One of the crucial aspects of the wedding that you can do extravagantly is your wedding vehicle. You’ve probably seen in movies how grooms and wedding guests get teary-eyed the moment they see the bride step off the car and make their grand entrance. So, to make your wedding entrance even more grandiose, why not arrange a limo hire?

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This article explores tips to keep in mind when arranging a limo hire for this extraordinary day.

1. Research for a Reputable Wedding Car Company

Firstly, you’ll need to research the potential wedding cars company to work with before choosing any limo or other transportation deals. And much like with any purchase, review customer feedback and testimonials from past clients to know their service quality. It’s also best to inquire if they have backup limos they can send in case of any emergency or mechanical hitch.

Additionally, go through their licenses, certifications, and insurance policies to ensure you’re protected in case of potential risks during the rides. Don’t forget to read and understand their payment and cancellation policies to avoid misunderstandings should you encounter problems during the booking and the wedding day.

Lastly, inquire if the limo hire company offers package deals or complimentary gifts, such as snacks, a bottle of wine, or decorations.

2. Prepare Your Budget

Limos are available at different prices, depending on their model, luxury level, size, and season. Thus, it’s recommended that you have a budget in mind to help narrow down your limo options.

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Generally, limo rentals are charged per hour or trip. And depending on the limo hire company, rental rates can range from AUD$150 to AUD$590 per hour. You may rent the limo for 3 to 4 hours as that duration may cover the wedding ceremony. However, note that you are not only paying for the limo but also for the hours when it’s on standby—paying for your limo’s standby hours guarantees that your ride will only be exclusive to you.

You may inquire about discounts or promos if you’re on a budget and want to reduce your wedding transportation costs. For example, some limo hire companies may have partnerships with hotels, and the couple may get a discount on their limo rental rate if they book a certain number of rooms.

3. See the Limo in Person

Once you have a specific type of limo in mind that fits your budget, request to see the vehicle in person before finalizing your booking. Viewing the limo in person allows you to sit in the car and test how easy it’ll be to step in and out without crumpling or damaging your outfit. This is important, especially if you or your partner is planning to wear a big wedding ball gown.

Checking your wedding vehicle will also make it easier to check its other features, such as the snack and drink areas and the seating arrangement.

4. Read and Understand the Fine Print Before Signing the Contract

During the booking process, the limo hire company will give you a contract to sign, agreeing to and finalizing the rental and services.

The details of the contract must include the following:

  • Limo(s) type and colour
  • Pick-up & drop-off location and scheduled times
  • Hourly and overtime rates
  • List of other services availed or booked
  • Due date of the deposit
  • Payment and cancellation policy
  • Insurance
  • Verification of license

As much as possible, take time to understand the fine print, and don’t hesitate to ask questions if you have any concerns. That way, you won’t be surprised on your wedding day with a large limo bill containing hidden fees. Moreover, if you’re reserving online, request a written confirmation and signed contracts to secure your reservation.

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5. Book Your Limo Early

Booking early- from vendors to venue- is perhaps one of the essential keys in wedding planning. To stand a great chance of reserving your first choice of ride, book the limo at least six months in advance or once you’ve finalized your wedding date and the number of people riding the vehicle.

This step is necessary, especially if your wedding date falls in the spring or summer when many people demand limo services. Otherwise, booking last minute may leave you with very few wedding car options, or you might not get to book anything at all.

6. Identify Traffic Patterns and Efficient Routes Going to the Venues

Planning efficient routes and identifying traffic patterns are essential for limos. With their large size, your chauffeur might have difficulty navigating through heavy traffic or narrow roads, possibly slowing down your ride to the wedding venue. The challenge is even greater if you’re having a destination wedding and the driver isn’t familiar with the roads.

To ensure your limo ride goes smoothly, specify the exact venues for the pick-up area, wedding ceremony, reception area, and drop-off spot and relay them to your driver. Then, identify which roads often have less traffic or are safer and better for the limo. You can also prepare a GPS route for your chauffeur and present it to them in advance for familiarization.

With these detailed preparations, you can ensure that your chauffeur can avoid heavy traffic and you and your guests will arrive on schedule at the wedding venues.

Riding In Style With Your Wedding Limo

Arranging a limo hire is a sure-fire way to make your wedding day – and your grand entrance – more special and memorable. Don’t forget to consider these tips when booking your limo to ensure all your wedding transportation goes smoothly from start to finish.