How Should I Decorate My Wedding Venue?

… and 7 Other Questions Every Bride-to-Be Needs to Ask

Wedding traditions have stuck around for a reason; they’re timeless ideas that many brides and grooms choose to incorporate into their big day. But guess what. They’re not the law! Truthfully, there’s really no right or wrong way to plan your wedding, and there are all sorts of different ways to decorate, to dress, and to do everything else that yes – it can often feel a bit overwhelming.

One of the best ways to take control of your wedding is simply to ask questions; to understand more about what sorts of options are available to you, and discover the many different ways that you and your partner can feel happy and comfortable. 

Here are 8 questions that are amongst some of the most commonly asked by brides-to-be: 

  1. How should I decorate my wedding venue?

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Although there’s no right or wrong, your choice of decorations should be based on two important aspects: the type of venue you’re marrying at, and the sort of wedding vibe you want to give.

For example, luxurious deep red velvet chair covers at a laid back summer beach wedding perhaps don’t really set the right mood (that’s not to say you can’t do it, however!).

Perhaps the 3 most vital considerations are your altar, your aisle, and your seating, which form the foundations of most wedding setups; get these sorted, and additional decor such as wedding signs, table decorations, and refreshment stations should come naturally. And, if you need a little helping hand, styling services can be a life saver!

Northern Beaches Wedding

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  1. I’m either going to cry or blush… how do I stop it happening?

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Not all brides love being the centre of attention, and that’s OK! If you have a tendency to blush when you’re amongst large crowds, or when all eyes are on you, don’t panic… there are ways to mask any redness on the big day.

Firstly, in the week before the wedding try to steer clear of caffeine – which stimulates the system, alcohol – which contains phenols which are known to create a hive-like rash, and spicy foods – which can cause irritation. A green primer can also work wonders.

Now, when it comes to tears, unfortunately, there’s not really much to be done to prevent the waterworks. Instead, try out some waterproof mascaras before the big day, and keep some tissues and wet wipes handy to freshen up.

  1. What hairstyle should I choose?

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It’s important to feel comfortable on your wedding day, and to feel like ‘you’, so your hairstyle should be something that not only suits your face shape but which you feel at ease wearing.

However, keep in mind that wedding ceremonies can sometimes be a bit nerve-wracking, and if you’re a bit of a nervous fiddler you could find that your hands automatically start to play around with your hair if you’ve left it loose. You won’t notice at the time, but you will when you’re watching your video. That’s part of the reason why up-dos are so popular for brides. Even a low, loose up-do will do the trick. One of the best things you can do is book a hairdresser in advance and test out a few different styles at your trial.

  1. What will my guests do when we’re having photographs taken?

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Whatever you want them to! There are actually all sorts of different ways that you can keep your guests entertained while you head off to have your professional wedding photographs taken.

Many couples go simple, offering a cocktail hour which offers guests the chance to hit the bar and mingle, although others like to take things one step further and arrange for a video montage or slideshow, a photo booth, or even a ‘how well do you know the happy couple?’ trivia game.

If you’ve worked with a wedding planner and they are on-site with you on the day, this is certainly something that could be hosted by your planner as you’re off with your photographer. Also, have some music playing, so it doesn’t feel quiet or awkward.

  1. What exactly does the bridal party do?

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There’s really no hard and fast rule about what bridesmaids and groomsmen should or should not be doing on the big day. Saying that it is worth making sure that key players in your wedding are aware of the traditional bridal party etiquette so that they’re not simply standing around looking awkward.

Groomsmen are typically involved in making sure your guests know where they have to be, and when, and for making sure everyone’s happy and getting along while you’re getting ready. Bridesmaids are there to assist the bride; it could be helping you to get dressed or organising anything that needs doing, but mostly it’s just about being present. It’s really up to you what sort of responsibilities you delegate.

Northern Beaches Wedding

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  1. Do I need a ceremony dress AND a reception dress?

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If you want to! There are really two trains of thought here. First, some brides think that if they’re putting so much thought (and possibly money) into buying the wedding dress they’ve been thinking about since they were a little girl, they’re going to wear it all day long. And that’s perfectly OK!

Some brides, however, want a more formal, structured, and traditional dress for the ceremony, changing into something a little more chic and sexy for the reception. And that’s perfectly OK too! It’s about what you feel comfortable doing, and what sort of wedding you’re planning. If you’ve got a big dress and you want to party all night long, you may want something a little looser and more free-flowing for dancing.

  1. What do I need to bring on the day?

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As long as you’ve got your dress, that’s really all you need (although having some makeup or a makeup artist, a hairbrush, and some comfortable shoes would be great additions). If that’s all you remember to take to the venue with you, don’t panic. But if you do remember to pack a bag in advance, there are a few items that can make your day (and, more specifically, your night) even more special.

Some awesome wedding night essentials that many brides like to take with them include your favourite romantic songs, some sensuous perfume, a bottle of bubbly, candles (if your venue allows them), flowers, and, of course, some killer lingerie. Pop a robe in your bag, too, and keep your special lingerie under wraps for a big reveal.

  1. What happens if something goes wrong?

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Laugh! The truth is that even the most perfectly planned wedding, with everything organised down to the second, is not 100% immune to unexpected surprises. Whether it’s rain on the horizon, an unruly uncle, or a lost button, the best thing you can do is just laugh.

When it’s your first anniversary, and you’re looking back on your wedding day, you’ll realise that none of the twists and turns of the day mattered — you married the love of your life, and you’ve had a fantastic 12 months — so don’t let these things get to you.

One of the best pieces of advice is to work with a great wedding planner and make sure your bridesmaids are ready to tackle the unexpected so that if something does go wrong, it can be sorted.

Just Ask!

Almost every bride-to-be assumes that she’s the only one who ‘doesn’t know how to do it’; that every other engaged woman in the world was given an official ‘How to be a Bride’ handbook outlining how it’s all supposed to happen. Guess what. They weren’t. The truth is that every bride-to-be has questions about the big day, so don’t be afraid to ask or seek advice from the experts. We’ve heard it all before!