How Much to Spend on the Bride’s Wedding Band

Want to find the perfect wedding band for your lady love but not sure how much to spend? We are here to help.

Your wedding is special for you, and so should be your wedding band. You and your spouse would be wearing it for your whole life. And although it’s recommended not to be stingy, you will eventually need to fix a budget.

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But with such wide varieties in the market, it often becomes difficult to choose the perfect band. However, not to worry; we have done all the research you need! Here we will compare different factors and pricing to help you choose the best wedding band for your partner.

Average Cost Of A Wedding Band For Women

The cost of a wedding band depends on a lot of factors. The type of metal used, band style, number of diamonds studded, etc., can influence the band’s pricing.

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But on average, in the US, you are expected to spend around $1,100 on a woman’s wedding band.

While choosing the best band for your spouse, you must also consider other aspects like the wearer’s lifestyle, whether it will match their wedding ring, how long they would wear it each day, etc.

Let’s look closely at all the important factors you should keep in mind.

Consider The Important Factors

  1. Metal

Choosing the most suitable metal for your wedding band is essential. Metals like platinum and white gold are among the most expensive ones. Steel presents itself as an affordable choice. Other options like Tungsten, Titanium, and Zirconium are known for their durability.

Yellow gold can be a reliable choice as it has been preferred traditionally. Rose gold can provide you with multiple shades depending on its carat. Additionally, palladium can be an equally viable option as it requires low maintenance and doesn’t tarnish quickly.

As the band is to be worn regularly, its longevity and resilience to damage should be your primary concern. That’s why choosing the correct band becomes all the more critical.

  1. Carat Weight

Purity of the gold is the next crucial factor to consider. The Karat of your wedding band will decide its pricing and durability. 14K and 18K are the most popular varieties.

14K gold is the least expensive and most durable option. The 18K variety has a higher percentage of gold in it, the reason why it’s more costly. It is durable and made for regular use but requires high maintenance as it’s vulnerable to scratches.

  1. Retailer

The prices of wedding bands for women can differ substantially from store to store. But, if you dig deep and try hard enough, you can find your favourite band at affordable prices.

Moreover, thrift stores can be a great option as well. You can find second-hand bands there at low prices. If you are lucky enough, you might even end up with a unique band without paying hefty sums!

Choose Your Budget

As mentioned earlier, prices for wedding bands vary greatly depending upon multiple factors. And although the average price in the US is about $1,100, people can spend anywhere between $200 to $10,000. That’s why having a budget beforehand will be of great help.


Above mentioned factors would help you decide the best budget for you. The cost of your wedding band will largely depend on its metal type and style. Moreover, bands with gems can be costlier.

The general rule is that couples spend around three percent of their total budget on bands. So if your overall budget is $30,000, $900 for wedding bands won’t be a bad idea. But it’s all up to you two to decide. If the pocket allows and you both agree to spend more, it’s all good!

Consider Your Lifestyle

The wedding band you choose will stay with your spouse for their whole life. They would be wearing it each day at work. Hence, selecting the one that fits the best with their lifestyle is essential.

For instance, if their lifestyle requires plenty of work outside, you should avoid going with a band with intricate designs, as it would get dirty quickly. A solid ring-like structure would be the best in this case.

Similarly, if they are into any form of art, like- music, you should consider going with a slimmer band as it will be the most comfortable to wear. A band with rounded edges can also be a good bet in such cases.

Moreover, if their work requires a lot of use of hands, going with a simple band without any stones is the best choice. The studded gems can get lost later and degrade the band’s look.

Consider Durability Of Your Ring

As repeatedly pointed out in the article, durability is the most crucial aspect to consider while buying your wedding band.

Durability largely depends on the metal type you are choosing. Moreover, the carat weight of the metal used in your band is another factor that plays a critical role in the band’s longevity.

Expensive metals like platinum, white gold, and silver are the most durable. Bands made of tungsten or zirconium are also highly resistant to external harm. Steel, although affordable, isn’t a reliable option in the long run.

Considering Wedding Band And Engagement Ring Match?

Wedding rings and bands are often bought at the same time. And if you are considering purchasing a similar type of ring and band, it isn’t a bad idea. Matching rings and bands look classier and more elegant.

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For example, if your ring has a twisted design, you can choose a similar band. You can also experiment with the number of stones. Adding a matching set of gems to your ring and band can be a great idea.


An event as big as your wedding requires every little thing to be perfect, including your wedding band. We summarized all the chief points you must consider while selecting your wedding band.

A wedding band isn’t just a metal loop studded with some gems; it’s something that will create memories you will cherish for a lifetime!