How Festoon Lighting Can Bring Beauty To Your Wedding

Proper lighting can help make weddings better. Illuminating essential pieces like the wedding cake and the reception area adds the right atmosphere for the momentous occasion. Festoon lights help beautify weddings in more ways than one. Also called cafe or party lights, these lighting fixtures look like oversized glass globes.

Here are eight reasons you should consider using festoon lights at your wedding.

Setting the Mood

The main focus of any wedding ceremony is the couple about to tie the knot. Still, it doesn’t mean that you should leave the guests behind. Using festoon lights can help set the mood for the event. These lighting fixtures help make wedding guests feel right and ready to socialize during the parts of the ceremony.

Festoon lighting can help evoke emotions to make people get up on their feet and head to the dance floor. After all, these lights are also known as party lights for a reason. The glow emitted is also soothing to the eyes so as not to give hindrances to guests who are sensitive to bright lights.


Creates an Illusion of Space

Opt to use festoon lighting to give the illusion of extra space. It’s an ideal choice for small wedding ceremonies who wish to make the location look larger than intended. Strategically place these lights to illuminate dark areas.

Festoon lights offer a soft, warm glow that helps create a false impression of additional depth. Short distances seem like they could go on forever. As a result, the location for the wedding seemingly looks fuller than its actual dimensions.

You can check out a few pictures of what festoon lights can do in an event at The Lighting Outlet.

Enhance Outdoor Lighting

Warm summer months may become an ideal time for weddings. The fresh air and warm glow of the sunset help enhance the mood for the joyous occasion. It’s a dream-like tranquil ideal for the happy vibes circulating the event location.


Using festoon lighting fixtures helps enhance that peaceful tranquil of the romantic day. Create a canopy of these lights in different sections of the location. Illuminate various places in the event area like dinner tables, dance floors, and above the heads of the couples. Don’t underestimate proper lighting in an outdoor wedding.

Illuminate the Pathway

As the song, “Here Comes the Bride” plays in the background, it’s essential to set the mood. The bride slowly walking down the aisle as the love of her life is waiting at the end. Without proper lighting, this momentous event may look dull.


Remember, you’re not limited to using festoon lights over the heads of wedding guests. Instead, you can use these lights to illuminate the pathway for the bride. You may even add special effects to the lights by only lighting the bulbs as soon as the bride walks by it. In doing so, it slowly fills in the gap of a looming excitement felt by everyone in the ceremonial area, especially for the husband-to-be.

Lights Up Photos

One critical element to the right image is proper lighting. Without adequate lighting, photos look dull and drab. Wedding photographers will have to use settings in their cameras to compensate for the darkness. As a result, the images may not look as sharp as initially intended.


The warm glow produced by festoon lights helps create moody photographs. For example, these lights will create a warm glow when a bride is walking through the aisle with festoon lighting at the bottom. Think of the picture as a birthday celebrant about to blow a candle on a cake. Also, there are no other light sources in the area but the candle on the cake.

You’ll see photos of a glowing bride about to meet the partner of her life. These pictures may not be possible without the help of a proper lighting fixture like a string of festoon lights.

Accents Wedding Decorations

Wedding planners decorate the celebration with numerous designs. Pillars, flowers, and vases are among the many decors used for the occasion. Festoon or cafe lights can help bring these pieces to life with the warm radiance it emits.

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For example, string a set of festoon lights around pillars to accent the decorative piece. Wrap it around banners and backdrops to enhance the lighting on that specific area for the perfect selfie. Otherwise, hang festoon lighting from tree branches to help light up beautiful trees at an outdoor reception.

Illuminate Custom Monograms

Many couples want a custom monogram as part of their wedding ceremony. These decorations are great to personalise a wedding reception. It’s a backdrop that looks like a stencil with the letters and design cut into a great material like wood or cardboard.


Use festoon lights behind custom monograms to light up the letters and designs for everyone to see. Play around with the position of the lights to see how the designs change to your liking.

Lower Electricity Costs

It may seem that this tip doesn’t fit in the aspect of bringing beauty to a wedding. However, you should know that weddings aren’t cheap.

Now, the idea here is that festoon lights don’t give off a very bright light, unlike fluorescent lighting fixtures. With that in mind, wedding couples looking to cut electricity costs during an event can do so with festoon lighting.

Since you now have extra room in your budget, you have other options to enhance the beauty of other critical areas of the wedding. For instance, you can use the additional spending allowance on adding more decor in the reception area. Otherwise, you might want to hire the services of a wedding singer or band.


The only limit to using festoon lights to bring beauty to a wedding is your imagination. Still, don’t go overboard with these lights. It’s essential to keep the atmosphere as elegant as possible. Festoon lighting can help achieve that objective and more. Ask your wedding planner on how these lights can help beautify the surroundings of the ceremonial area.