Hot Honeymoon Trends Exploring Unique Themes & Ideas

In 2023, we are witnessing a big change in the honeymoon industry. Couples are drifting away from the traditional idea of a honeymoon and opting for thrilling and unconventional honeymoons.

Given this, there are some honeymoon trends that happen to be extraordinarily unique. And in this post, that’s exactly what we’ll share with you in complete detail.

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Let’s get started!

Multi-destination Honeymoons

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Multi-destination honeymoons involve visiting multiple locations or destinations during the honeymoon period. Rather than staying in one place, couples choose to explore different cities, countries, or regions, creating a diverse and dynamic honeymoon experience.

For some, this sounds tiring. But to some, this sounds like making the most of their time together. Since this is the only time they are completely carefree, couples choose to explore all their favourite places and enjoy an adventure-packed post-wedding vacation.

There are several exciting aspects that make multi-destination honeymoons appealing: 

  • Variety and Adventure: By visiting multiple destinations, couples can enjoy a variety of experiences and immerse themselves in different cultures, landscapes, and activities. It adds a sense of adventure and exploration to the honeymoon and makes it more memorable and exciting.
  • Customization and Personalization: Multi-destination honeymoons offer flexibility and allow couples to tailor their itinerary according to their preferences. This is particularly helpful if both partners have drastically different choices. Both of them can choose destinations that align with their interests, whether it’s relaxing on beaches, indulging in cultural experiences, or engaging in thrilling adventures. 
  • Honeymoon Extension: For couples who find it challenging to choose just one destination, a multi-destination honeymoon allows them to extend their celebration and enjoy an extended period of travel. It provides an opportunity to discover new places as a newly married couple, and this makes the honeymoon feel even more special and memorable.



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Duo moons, also known as “two-part honeymoons” or “split-location honeymoons,” involve dividing the honeymoon into two separate parts or destinations. Couples who choose duo moons typically spend the first part of their honeymoon in one location and this is usually a mini-moon —- meaning their stay is shorter (lasting between 1-4 nights).

Then, they travel to a different destination for the second part. This trend has gained popularity, particularly after the pandemic, when people couldn’t celebrate togetherness. It is also very popular amongst super busy couples.

The mini-moon is affordable and scheduled right after marriage. The couple then plans a more elaborate honeymoon for a later date. Until the big honeymoon, they save for it and plan for it as they desire!

Stress-relieving Honeymoons

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Stress-relieving honeymoons are a new trend in which couples prioritize relaxation, rejuvenation, and self-care during their post-wedding getaway. These honeymoons focus on providing a tranquil and soothing experience. Couples unwind, recharge, and alleviate the stress that often accompanies wedding planning and the hectic pace of modern life.

This new type of honeymoon is often characterized by wellness-focused activities and indulgent spa experiences. Couples can enjoy soothing massages, yoga or meditation sessions, detoxifying treatments, and other wellness practices. These activities promote relaxation, stress reduction, and overall well-being, helping couples to unwind and recharge.

In terms of location, these honeymoons typically take place in serene and tranquil destinations, including:

  • Secluded beach resorts
  • Tranquil mountain retreats
  • Peaceful countryside settings


The choice of destination plays a crucial role in creating a calm and soothing atmosphere, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Plus, stress-relieving honeymoons emphasize disconnecting from technology and embracing a digital detox. Couples are encouraged to limit their use of electronic devices, social media, and emails. This allows them to fully immerse themselves in relaxation and quality time together. It breaks constant connectivity, promotes mindfulness, and reduces stress.

Honeymoon Advisors

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In recent times, couples have also started depending on travel agents and experienced honeymoon advisors to plan their honeymoon. From choosing the perfect destination to planning everyday activity —- honeymoon advisors are helping with it all.

The primary reason why this has emerged as a new trend is that there’s a sea of options for almost everything. Couples are usually very tired after planning their entire wedding. And so they seek an advisor as a convenient option.

Here are some other reasons why opting for a honeymoon advisor is a good idea:

  • Access to Exclusive Deals and Packages: Honeymoon advisors often have access to exclusive deals, discounts, and packages offered by hotels, resorts, and tour operators. They can leverage their industry connections and knowledge to secure special rates and value-added perks for couples. This allows couples to make the most of their honeymoon budget and enjoy additional benefits during their trip.
  • Insider Tips and Local Recommendations: Honeymoon advisors are well-versed in the best-kept secrets, hidden gems, and local experiences of various destinations. They can provide valuable insider tips, recommendations for off-the-beaten-path activities, and suggestions for authentic cultural experiences. This adds a layer of authenticity and depth to the honeymoon and ensures couples have a unique and immersive experience.


Note that there are several honeymoon advisors online who may initiate your honeymoon planning session free of cost. You may only have to pay them for detailed suggestions and discussions. Alternatively, you can browse honeymoon-related websites to browse expert opinions or see what the experienced have to say.