Holiday Weddings: Yes or No?

When it comes to planning your wedding, the sky’s the limit—or at least your imagination is. There are so many choices to make and options and ideas to choose from, such as the date and time of year. And while setting a date might seem easy to some, for others, the day they choose plays a huge role in the type of wedding or theme they will have. Holiday weddings, for example, can make the big day seem extra special, but depending on the holiday you choose, your wedding can either be a success or a potential inconvenience.

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There is much debate over holiday weddings and whether they are a good idea or not. Several factors can make it an excellent choice or a poor one. It is your day, of course, so, understandably, you want to make it as memorable as possible, but part of what makes a wedding special are the people who are in attendance. If your guests can’t make it because of other family holiday obligations or religious traditions, then you might find yourself facing low attendance or having to reschedule.

However, this is not to say that a holiday wedding can’t work. It simply depends on your situation and the obligations of your guests. There are benefits and negatives to throwing a holiday wedding, and it is up to you to consider everyone involved and what will work for them.

The Pros of Having a Wedding During the Holidays

Holiday weddings, especially during the winter, can feel particularly festive and joyous. It’s already a time of year that many gather with loved ones, which makes it a potentially ideal time to throw a wedding. The setting of a winter wedding can also be wonderfully picturesque, with snowy backdrops and cozy, luxurious accents.


Other holidays too, like Halloween or New Year’s, can be fun if you want to have a moody fall theme or get really flashy and upscale. There are so many holidays and recommended times of the year that you can choose from and each comes with its own benefits.

More Time Off Work

Many people already have days off work for the holidays, making it easier for them to attend, especially if your wedding is out of town. Holidays that result in an extended weekend are a particularly great time to throw a wedding because it gives you more time to spend with loved ones and gives your guests more flexibility with travel and time off work.


Deals on Venues and Decor

Some venues offer special deals for weddings thrown during the holidays, especially on certain days like Fridays and Sundays, as those are less common choices. And if your guests already have extra days off, having your wedding on a Friday or a Sunday is more accessible during a holiday than any other time of year.

Destination Weddings

Some venues and areas may also already come dressed up during the holidays, which means you might not have to spend as much money paying for your own decorations to make the setting more festive.

Built-in Themes

When you have your wedding on a holiday, coming up with a theme or colour scheme is often easier because you can simply lean into the traditions of the holiday that you choose. An Australia Day wedding, for example, can have vibrant and fun summer themes, such as a harbourside wedding with sparklers for guests and a fireworks display at the end of the night.

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The Cons of Having a Wedding During the Holidays

Of course, there are downsides to a holiday wedding as well. Some may consider it rude or an inconvenience to have to choose between you and their family if they already have plans. Some may simply feel inconvenienced, wanting to use their holiday time off to relax and avoid obligations, such as travelling for a wedding.

Intersecting Obligations

Most people plan to spend the holidays with their families and might not have any free time available to attend a wedding. Additionally, some religious traditions and observances can fall around certain holidays, and asking someone to go against their beliefs to attend your big day can be inconsiderate. If you do decide to have your wedding over a holiday, you may need to be extra cautious and mindful of the religious beliefs and obligations of others.

Expensive Travel and Accommodation

If your wedding requires people to travel and book accommodation, they might end up having to spend more than they would any other time of year. Airfare and hotel prices notoriously skyrocket during the holidays, so if you have out-of-town guests invited, paying for holiday travel is a lot to ask of them.

Limited Venue Availability

While some venues might offer discounts during certain holidays or days of the week, others are often booked well in advance. It’s not uncommon for businesses to book big venues to throw company holiday parties and events, which means you might have a more difficult time finding something available and in your price range.

Sharing Your Anniversary

While throwing your wedding during a holiday might seem special at the time, you will have to share that holiday every year in the future with your anniversary. This can make your anniversary feel less special in comparison or make it more difficult to celebrate when other celebrations are happening.

Wrapping Up

Understandably, you want your big day to feel as special as possible, and a holiday wedding can truly make for a memorable day that you’ll never forget. Just remember to be mindful of your guests and respect their traditions and obligations. Your wedding day is for you, but it should be a day that everyone can enjoy.