Hairstyles To Suit Your Wedding Dress Neckline

Many brides think of their gowns and their bridal hairstyle as two separate matters. However, just like any other element of your wedding day, it is important that the two perfectly complement each other so that everything looks cohesive. A gorgeous hairstyle will complete your bridal look while further emphasizing your personality and style.

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But with so many different hairstyle options to choose from, selecting the right hairstyle may come as a challenge. In that case, matching your hairstyle to your wedding dress neckline would be the best way to narrow down your options. Need some inspiration? Here are the best hairstyles for the five most popular wedding dress necklines.

Sleek High Updo + High Neckline

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Starting off with the wedding industry fave, a wedding dress with a high neckline is ideal for brides attracted to the classic, vintage bridal look. It looks great on brides who want to appear taller and leaner, and it also makes the bust look fuller.

A high neckline is versatile, which means it pairs well with a variety of hairstyles. However, to keep the focus on this stunning neckline, you want to go for hairstyles where the hair is pulled back. A sleek high updo is the ideal choice if you want a more polished look and a classic princess vibe. A side-part updo will enhance pretty details on the fabric, while a low bun will help you create a more romantic feel.

A Voluminous Pony + V-Neckline

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Another versatile neckline, the V-neck creates long lines so it is perfect for elongating the body, regardless of whether the dip is slight or more on the dramatic side.

For this neckline, you want to keep your decolletage free from any locks, and going with an updo is the best way to achieve this. Pull your hair back in a voluminous pony to emphasize a lower neckline, or go for an undone braided updo for a more romantic look. A side bun or a braid will make your collar bones more prominent, a milkmaid braid will lend a bohemian touch to the classic neckline, while a half-pony will help you show off your pretty curls while still keeping the stunning V-neck in focus.

Voluminous, Loose Curls + Strapless Neckline

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Whether you choose a simple straight neckline or a romantic sweetheart neckline, a strapless neckline is perfect for focusing attention on your bridal jewellery or your figure. The best thing about the strapless neckline is that you have all the freedom when it comes to your bridal hairstyle.

Want to wear your hair down? Go for it. Voluminous, loose curls are ideal for a sexy, romantic look and can easily be achieved by adding high-quality clip in hair extensions that will further emphasize your gorgeous locks. The same goes for Hollywood starlet waves, which are ideal for a glamorous, timeless feel. Alternatively, you can have your hair loosely braided, pulled back in a high bun, or braided into a half-up, half-down style paired with subtle romantic touches in the form of baby’s breath sprigs.

A Classic Chignon + Off-the-Shoulder Neckline

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If you’re looking for a romantic silhouette and a soft look, an off-the-shoulder neckline is the way to go. Because the neckline is so romantic on its own, it’s best that you keep the hair soft and delicate as well.

For a more formal and classic look, go for a classic chignon – the knot will keep the hair away from the face and shoulders, which will further accentuate this gorgeous neckline. You can also keep things practical and chic with side-swept curls, a piecey or braided updo, or the half-up-half down style.

An off-the-shoulder neckline would also benefit from a hairstyle that incorporates a floral accessory. Go for a flower crown to show off your romantic side and enhance the vibe of a bohemian wedding dress, or add a small, simple floral headpiece to compliment your curls.

A Back Bun + Plunging Neckline

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If you’re looking for a style that will match your daring, radiant, and confident personality, then the plunging neckline might be just what you need. This neckline is more on the trendy side since it’s more revealing and daring compared to traditional wedding dress neckline styles.

A plunging neckline will definitely make a statement, so you want to make sure that your bridal hairstyle perfectly captures the neckline’s bold vibe. Keep the hair off the shoulders with a simple back bun or a ponytail – these two classic hairstyles will intensify the daring neckline even further. Of course, you can let a couple of hair strands loose for a more relaxed look. They’ll perfectly frame the face without overpowering the effect of the plunging neckline.

Wrapping Up

The choice of your bridal hairstyle is just as important as the choice of your gown, and selecting the one based on your wedding dress neckline is the best way to achieve the aesthetic you are aiming for. Use the tips above as the inspiration for your bridal look, and you will find the most flattering bridal ‘do’ in no time.