From the Heart: 8 Customized Wedding Gifts to Show Them You Care

When it comes to a wedding gift, you don’t have to settle for the standard toaster. Think outside the box and pick a custom gift to show you care. Put together a relaxation kit the bride can use to de-stress or plan a year of dates complete with gift cards to favourite spots around town.

Not sure what to gift? Check out the eight ideas below that are guaranteed to tug on the old heartstrings.

1. A Loving Succulent

Choose a trendy pot and pair it with your favourite succulents. Think colourful and exotic options like golden-toothed aloe, paddle plant, sunset jade or morning light echeveria. Affix a sign or decal with a custom message, like “Let Love Grow.” Don’t forget to include a small card with care instructions, such as the amount of water and sunlight needed to thrive.


2. A Year of Firsts

This simple, customised gift will show the bride and groom you care beyond the wedding day. Find a medium-sized basket and fill it with some of your favourite wines and liquors for the couple’s upcoming “firsts.” Ideas include a bottle of spiked eggnog for their first Christmas or some champagne for their first anniversary. You could also add a bottle of red wine for their first fight as a married couple or first dinner party.


3. A Relaxation Kit

Planning a wedding is stressful. Give the bride something she’s guaranteed to need — a relaxation kit. Find a decorative gift box or basket and include essentials like a scented candle, bubble bath, lotion, wine, chocolate and more. Add items with scents that aid relaxation, like vanilla, lavender or jasmine. You can even include a couple of fresh roses, perfect to set the ambience. Be sure to tailor the contents of the box to the bride’s tastes.


4. Monogrammed Art

Give the bride a gift she’ll cherish with monogrammed cross-stitch art. Try out your embroidery skills as you stitch the couples names into the fabric — and don’t forget to add the date they solidified their commitment. If you’re handy with a thread and needle, you can add in border designs like flowers, hearts and ivy.

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5. A Hope Chest

A hope chest is a gift for a newly married woman that can one day be passed to her own daughter. Typically made of cedar, they were used to protect delicate fabrics due to the ability to repel insects and fungus. Some traditional items to add to a hope chest include quilts, unique clothing — like a wedding dress — bed linens and dishware.


6. Preserved Memories

A hand-pieced shadowbox can be a great way to turn memories from a wedding into a sentimental work of art.

When making a commemorative shadow box, add items like:

  • Photos
  • Invitations
  • The Bouquet
  • Save-the-Dates
  • The Cake Topper
  • Wedding Favours


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If you’re the bride’s mother or in the bridal party, you may be able to get your hands on some of these items sooner, allowing you to get a head start on your custom gift.

7. A Year of Dates

Finding time to go on dates can be hard, especially once you’re married. Give the bride and groom a gift they’ll put to good use — a year of planned dates. Include twelve wrapped gift ideas, one for each month. One date could be dinner out, with a gift card to a favourite restaurant. Another is a scavenger hunt date, with a map, a checklist of items to find and stickers to keep track.


8. A Trip to Paris

What bride doesn’t want to jet off to Paris for a honeymoon? Unfortunately, if funds or deadlines are tight, a getaway to the other side of the globe might be impossible. Give her the City of Lights in a box with fundamentals like wall art of the Eiffel Tower, a chic scarf, a fresh baguette and goodies like colourful macaroons. Don’t forget to add a scene-setting book like The Elegance of the Hedgehog, a best-seller by French novelist Muriel Barbery.

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Planning a thoughtful, customised wedding gift doesn’t have to be hard. Construct a gift around what you know about the bride and groom, including their likes and interests. From a hope chest packed with antique goodies to a trip to Paris in a box, there are plenty of ideas above to get you started.