Five Proven Rules To Keep Your Marriage Strong

One of the vital life goals is finding the perfect life partner. Thus, the institution, marriage. Society deems marriage as one that should last for a lifetime, but there is a noticeable increase in the rate of divorces all over the world.

Divorce is not a new subject and is perhaps sensitive for many because it hinges off the failure of a marriage. There are many reasons marriages crash, but there are just as many ways to keep it alive.


Read on for five rules that have been certified authentic when it comes to reviving your marriage.

1. Make Your Marriage A Priority

This list is in no specific order, but the importance of this rule can’t be overstressed. Much more than anything else, your marriage should be “Number One” above every other aspect of your life.

There are admittedly other aspects of your life that need tending to; this ranges from caring for your children to your extended family and, of course, your job.

However, whether you are newly married or have been with a significant other for decades, you always need to prioritise your marriage. If you do this, you will find high returns as your partner reciprocates in kind.

After all, nothing beats having the person you love cheering you on as you weather all of life’s trials and both strive to stand tall and find your footing in society.

Simple gestures like a call to inform your spouse you’re thinking about them, although you’re neck-deep in work and generally pulling out all the stops to make your partner happy is enough.

Everything becomes more comfortable when you make strengthening the relationship between you and your partner a priority. This has been known to boost self-esteem and enhance couples’ intimacy as they both strive to prioritise each other above everything else.

2. Find Fun With Your Partner

Over years of marriage, you inadvertently fall into a routine that may become boring. The monotony of your everyday life may start to pull you and your spouse apart as you get drawn into your respective jobs and responsibilities.

If you notice this in your relationship, it is time for you to switch things up. The one quick remedy for this is to change your mindset about being married.

Simply put, picture your relationship as an adventure that holds delightful surprises as it continues to unfold. This way, you break your routine thinking that marriage is an achievement and just a necessary part of your life.

It adds excitement as you continue to invest in your partner, and all you really have to do is, add PLAY to your usual routine! Couples that have successfully mastered this share that playfulness promotes the longevity of a marriage.

Playing may be as simple as reviving the activities that brought you and your partner joy and excitement in your early years. This play should also include spicing up your sexual relationship.

All of these positively impact your relationship by increasing intimacy and the level of trust.

3. Always Confide In Your Partner

Over many years of living together as a married couple, some become so tight-knit that they are unable to hide things from each other. On the other hand, some get distant and nurse secrets.

While the secret may not necessarily be dangerous, it may hint of distrust. This may start a vicious cycle of dishonesty and pretence, which are damning to your relationship life.

No matter the nature of what you have done or are experiencing, learn to always confide in your partner. It has already happened, and all you can do is share your ordeal with your partner.

In fact, having someone ready to listen to your thoughts and stand by you should be regarded as one of the attractive features of marriage.

Not only does it increase the level of intimacy between you and your spouse, but it also instils trust and confidence.

4. Always Give Your Partner One More Chance

Do you regularly evaluate your marriage? Do you unashamedly compare your partner to other men or women? Yes? Stop!

Inevitably, doing this will cause you to express dissatisfaction with your partner, which in turn, lowers their self-esteem and causes them to withdraw into a shell of inferiority.

Evaluating your spouse and comparing them to other people hints at selfishness. It is telling of the state of your relationship because your dissatisfaction sets off a lot of different things that will turn your relationship cold.

To remedy this, ditch thoughts that your partner is incompetent and instead make efforts to help them overcome their imperfections.

When they make mistakes, lend a helping hand, give them a chance to do it again. Do this, and you will be blessed with a comforting and joyous home.

5. Never Forget The Reasons You Married Your Partner

It is certain that before tying the knot, you had a few other prospects when it came to who you chose to spend the rest of your life with.

So whenever you hit an obstacle in your marriage or feel like it has become a bore, think back to the reasons you chose them back then.

Recall how you felt while going on that thrilling roller coaster on your first date or that overwhelming joy that came when you popped the question or accepted to marry them.


These thoughts should help shape a remedy for whatever troubles you may have. Whether it stems from distrust or a feeling of tiredness, reigniting this past chemistry, you once had can go a long way to help you save your marriage.

If there is a memorable trip you once made with your partner, do it again! What about that restaurant or park where you first confessed your feelings, visit it!

Never forget the reasons you decided to ditch the “single heart” title.


As outlined above, your marriage should be a priority. Nothing beats the sense of importance that is attached to that. Also, here are a few simple tips to help you strengthen intimacy with your spouse.

  • Always compliment your partner: It may be as little as “you make me so proud” or a public declaration of respect for your partner. Nevertheless, it boosts your relationship.
  • Occasionally go overboard to spice things up in the bedroom: The importance of sex can never be overemphasised! Whether it is a mere quickie before work or a traditional lovemaking session before bed, or even some naughty date plan, it is important that you never stop sexual relations with your partner. Also, it is not extreme if you go overboard once in a while to liven your sex lives!
  • Give him or her a hug for 2 minutes and kiss for 30 seconds each day: According to findings, long hugs cause the release of oxytocin, the hormone of “emotional connection.” Kissing and hugging your spouse for mere minutes each day is sure to inform them that they still hold a special place in your heart.
  • Pen down your partner’s good and bad deeds: Whenever your partner does something wrong, make sure to outline it. When he/she does something sweet, also pen it down. Make your partner does this too and occasionally exchange these notes. For his/her good deeds, give compliments, and for the bad, talk it out!
  • Romantic date nights will do you a lot of good: Newly married couples have a telling aura about them, and it usually differentiates them from other married couples. It is easy to maintain or achieve that lovey-dovey air. Simply care for your partner, and yes, continually going out on romantic date nights will do you and your spouse a lot of good.


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