Feeling and Looking Your Best for Your Wedding Day

There’s a laundry list of tasks that need to be accomplished in order to ensure the perfect wedding day, including budgeting, choosing a venue, creating a guest list, decorating, writing vows, and more. The most important aspect of your perfect wedding day, though, is you.

After the months of immense effort you’ve spent planning your wedding, you’ll want to look and feel your best when you’re finally looking into your partners to say, “I do.” Here are some essential tips to make sure that you feel like your best self for the big day.

Pull the Look Together

The last thing you want to do the morning of your wedding day is cycle through accessories and attire frantically trying to find the most flattering combination. This will just stress you out and it can affect your confidence in your final overall appearance.

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Whether you’re the bride or the groom, you’ve probably spent time prior to the wedding day picking out the main ensemble – your wedding dress or respective tuxedo – but it’s essential that you put the rest of your look together at least a few days prior. Having your complete outfit organized ahead of time will guarantee less stress and more confidence. 

For the groom, this means deciding on a dress shirt, tie or bow-tie, watch, belt, and possibly a pocket-handkerchief to go along with your tuxedo. If you’re relying on a rental tuxedo, make sure to submit a rental request several weeks before the wedding to make sure it fits properly.

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For the bride, you’ll need to decide on jewellery, your veil, makeup, hairstyle, and, perhaps, a handbag for the reception. Some brides plan on a change of dress for the reception, but your wedding dress will still work if you don’t want a second one.

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Care For Your Complexion

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Your ideal wedding day likely doesn’t include dealing with a breakout. While it may seem like acne develops overnight, it actually takes about 1-2 weeks for a pimple to visibly form. This makes it very important, especially prior to the wedding, to practice an everyday skincare routine with a face cleanser and moisturizer.

While you may want to try special skincare products to enhance your complexion, make sure to try them prior to the night before you’re due down the aisle. New products can cause breakouts and skin irritation. The best advice is to stick with products that you already know work well with your skin type. 

Treat Yourself to a Spa Day 

Having a spa day is a great way to relax and de-stress while also taking care of the smaller grooming details before the big day. You can even make it a date and get a spa treatment with your significant other. Or, if you don’t want to go to an actual spa, you can also have a romantic spa night at home.

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Fit In A Workout

Working out is shown to help you de-stress, improve your happiness, and sleep better. If you don’t already workout on a regular basis, you can use your wedding day as a reason to get started.

You don’t need to start a heavy-duty weight training program or start training for a marathon in order to reap the health benefits of regular exercise. Simple yoga exercises, a walk, or a jog every day will do wonders in helping you to de-stress and tone up.

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Maintaining a regular sleep schedule is essential for managing stress and promoting a healthy nervous system. For many people, it’s difficult to get enough sleep. In order to get the most out of your night’s rest, think about turning off electronics an hour before bed and avoiding eating late-night snacks, as these habits can prevent you from falling asleep or affect your quality of sleep.  Also, check out some natural sleep remedies.

If you want to see whether you are getting enough quality sleep, you might want to check out this link: Sleep Quality Assessment Tool

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