Family-Friendly Hens Night Ideas

So you’ve been chosen as the maid of honour or one of the bridesmaids for your best friend’s wedding, and now you’re the one tasked to make sure everything’s done perfectly. From wedding dresses to reception planning, every inch of the wedding day should be done smoothly. But of course, your best friend’s wedding wouldn’t be complete without having a girls’ party night before tying the knot, right? It’s time to plan the best hens’ party for your best gal!


When we hear of hens night, all we can think about are having drinks with the girls, and even going to strip clubs and parties like there’s no tomorrow. Yet, what if we break the typical hens night tradition and think about partying without the usual beers and boys? Just a night with girls, and you can even include your nieces or your underage cousins so you all could enjoy the night.

Couldn’t think about new ideas? We got you covered.

Cabin Slumber Party

 Who wouldn’t love beds, pillows, and pyjamas in a cosy and isolated cabin? We’re pretty sure your bride-to-be would love a breath of fresh air too from all the chaos of the wedding preps. You can book a private cabin in the countryside with your girlfriends and nieces and skip the drinking part. Once you’re in the cabin, you can have a slumber party or some campfire with a little bit of s’mores. No alcohol; just sweets and some chillin’.

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Movie Night Hens Night?

Does your girl love going to the cinema? Perhaps a movie marathon night is a perfect touch to your bridal shower – simple and intimate but twice as fun with your girlfriends. Laugh, be amazed, or even cry watching the movies of your choice and don’t forget to munch on chips, popcorn, or pizza too. You need not go to a cinema for the movie; just put a white cloth on the wall with a projector and get entertained with the bigger screen. It’s a lot cheaper than movie tickets and the kids can come along!

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Pastry Class Hen’s Night

Perhaps your girl is a foodie at heart. Well, this just means that you can book a baking class so you can all bring out the inner pastry chef in you. You can choose to make your cakes, make the best meringue, and prepare some desserts for you to enjoy and share. When having pastry classes, make sure to pick the best recipes for your best gal. It may also be a way to make a personalized wedding cake. Care to sweeten the friendship more by giving out that magical whisk? Booking pastry classes might be the right fit for a more delightful hens night and a subtle way to teach the kids to cook!

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Artsy and Craftsy Hen’s Night

If your girl is an artistic bride, you can arrange an art class for a hens night. Yet, you need not book an art teacher to enjoy an artistic night, you just need to prepare some paintings and art crafts and make the best painting that you can. However, if you’re not into paint and getting yourself dirty, you can choose from making crafts like flower crowns, or decorations for your bride’s wedding aisle. It may sound corny but giving the best effort to make sure your bride has wonderful crafts during her wedding makes it more customized. You can even make giveaways for the guests. Ain’t it fun?

But wait there’s more…

Still can’t decide? Maybe you’re thinking of a little bit more exciting thrills for your girl’s “last hurrah” so why not try these cool hen’s night activities that we recommend for an equally unforgettable hens night.

Hens night shouldn’t be about adults only but for the little sisters too. Imagine enjoying a party without the lap dance or hard liquor, and still have fun. You would be surprised how amazing these kinds of parties can be – just pure fun, games, and a relaxing bonding before your best friend’s big day! Plus, everyone will actually remember it!