Experiencing Wedding Planning Stress?

How To Overcome These 5 Common Dilemmas

Wedding planning is both an enjoyable and stressful event in your life. Even with a wedding planner, it’ll be difficult to not feel the stress, especially when you want everything to be perfect. After all, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event.

As you plan for your wedding, expect you’ll be bumping into some roadblocks along the way, which can affect how your wedding’s going to be.

While it can be frustrating and stressful to experience problems, listed below are ways you can overcome common wedding dilemmas:

  1. Not Enough Time To Plan

Whether you started late with the wedding planning or your wedding vendors weren’t as responsive as you expected them to be, not staying on track with your planning can be very frustrating, especially when it’s only weeks before the big day. As you plan for your wedding, you need to be fully conscious of the time it can take to plan a wedding. This will allow you to arrange and make proper reservations ahead of time, eliminating any last-minute changes.

The Solution: If you’re already nearing your wedding day, and there’s still plenty of things you need to do, you shouldn’t hesitate to seek help whenever you can. You can ask a family member or a close friend to handle some of the arrangements for you so you can ensure everything will go well and there’ll be no single piece missing on your big day.

  1. Unexpected Number Of Guests

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When inviting people to your wedding, you might tend to over-invite guests. Perhaps you’re confident that not everyone will attend your special day. However, things might go differently if everyone on your guest list says yes, and asks you if they could bring a plus one with them. While it’s better if more people can come to your wedding, it might not be the best option, especially if you have a small venue capacity.

The Solution: To accommodate an unexpected increase in the number of guests, you should consider looking for a bigger reception venue where you can invite a larger amount of people than what you have on your list. For the wedding ceremony, you can invite just close family and friends to be with you, and allow the remaining guests to be with you at the reception venue. In this way, you can continue to invite everyone.

  1. Choosing Between An Indoor Or Outdoor Venue

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One of the biggest wedding dilemmas you need to face on your wedding day is choosing the venue. In most cases, you’ll be deciding between choosing an indoor and outdoor venue. While most couples love to have an outdoor wedding, some may get anxious about any sudden change in the weather conditions, thereby greatly affecting how the entire day might be.

The Solution: If you’re planning to proceed with an outdoor venue, look for a place that can offer both. In this way, you’ll have a backup in case there’s a sudden shift in the weather. Alternatively, you can look for an indoor platform that can provide glass walls or a skylight, making it feel like you’re still outdoors, but with the comfort and safety of an indoor environment.

  1. Deciding The Seating Chart

You can do two things for your reception’s seating arrangement. You can either go for a seating chart or have an open seating option. With a seating chart, you’re assigning the seat and table for each guest, with their name cards on the plate. With the open seating option, you can allow your guests to be free and sit wherever they want. However, both can imply complications you might not be aware of.

The Solution: The best way to limit any conflicts or complications on your wedding day is to provide a seating chart, but only provide a table number instead of assigning them with a particular seat. In this way, they won’t have an awkward moment looking for an open table. They can just go to their table number, and sit next to the people they’re comfortable with.

  1. Choosing A Wedding Dress

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Perhaps the most challenging and stressful part of wedding planning for the bride is looking for the perfect dress. While there are plenty of inspirations available online, their shape and design might not compliment the bride-to-be’s body perfectly. It can be frustrating to hear negative opinions from people you take with you while shopping for dresses.

The Solution: Ideally, you should only take one to two people with you as you go shopping for your gown. Take people you trust. Don’t limit yourself by going to a single shop. Try looking for various ones around the area. This way, you can identify which design you want, and which particular dress fits you perfectly.


There are plenty of wedding planning dilemmas you’ll come across, especially if the big day is only a few weeks away. While it can be a total headache, try to be calm and look for various ways to resolve them. You and your partner can help each other look for solutions that’ll work for everyone.