Essential Wedding Day Moments to Have Your Photographer Capture

There are many special moments you’ll want your photographer to capture on the day of your wedding. However, handing your photographer a moment-by-moment shot list isn’t necessarily the best way to ensure you have a smooth day.

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Here are five things you can do to ensure your photographer captures every essential moment on your wedding day.

1.   Family Prints

Because your photographer doesn’t know the ins and outs of your clan, it’s essential to give them a detailed shot list for family photos. You can organize this list ahead of time so shooting these pictures is a smooth process, and no family members get overlooked on the wedding day.

In most cases, this is the only official shot list you should give your photographer. You hired them because they are professionals who know how to make the most out of each unique wedding experience. A long, detailed list will only get in their way and make it hard for them to capture each moment.

2.   Couple’s Portraits

The photos of you and your significant other capture some of the most memorable moments of your wedding day. Talk to your photographer to decide if you want a first look and when you want to take these photos. Some couples choose to take their pictures before the ceremony or even after the reception to help the day run more smoothly.

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You may have seen pictures on Pinterest or even on your photographer’s website that you’d like to replicate. However, it’s much better to let your photographer create unique images of you and your partner than to focus on copying someone else. If you really want something specific, make sure you discuss that with your photographer beforehand so they can make sure it happens.

3.   Ceremony Images

Photographers with experience will capture every essential moment during your ceremony. This includes reactions to walking down the aisle, putting on the rings, reading vows, the kiss and the recessional after the ceremony is completed.

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The best way to ensure you get gorgeous ceremony images is to choose a beautiful venue and schedule the ceremony so there’s plenty of time for the photographer to capture each moment. For instance, giving your bridesmaids extra time to walk down the aisle makes space for the photographer to get individual images of each of them.

4.   Reception Photos

Receptions can vary greatly depending on the couple, and a good photographer will adapt to the unique elements you’ve chosen to include in your afterparty. To ensure they capture every important moment, give them an order of events list so that they know what to anticipate.

For instance, they should know approximately when the bride and groom will enter together, whether there will be dancing and when the couple will cut the cake. Timelines are flexible, but communicating the basic plan will reduce your stress and help your photographer make the most of every moment.

5.   Detail Snapshots

It’s the details that make wedding photos really shine. The letter your grandmother wrote you, the earrings your mother wore at her ceremony and the candid interactions over the course of your day all bring colour and meaning to an already meaningful occasion.

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If there’s something really special to you that you’d like to include in your photos, make sure you communicate that to your photographer. Experienced professionals know how to get good shots of major moments, but they won’t know to take a picture of you dancing with your niece unless you tell them it’s important to you.

Enjoy the Day

Details aside, your photographer is there to capture your and your partner’s special day. You’re not actors, and your wedding shouldn’t be an overly staged production of getting photos that are just so. That’s very stressful and will lead to poor photographs. Plus, who doesn’t love silly candids and genuine, unstaged moments?

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Instead, communicate about any unique elements or preferences in your day, and then let your photographer work their magic. The best thing you can do to help them get good photos is to relax, be yourself and have fun. Hiring a professional means you can get the most out of your day without worrying about how the images will turn out.