Engagement Photography Shoot Outfit Ideas

How Important is Your Engagement Photography Shoot?

First thing’s first, congratulations on getting engaged! Now, the roller coaster ride towards your wedding day begins. And, if you have followed expert advice and steps on how to successfully plan your wedding, one of the first things you should do is find a professional event photographer – who, preferably, will also do your engagement shoot.

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Once you have found the right one, you have to set a time and a place for one of the most important photo ops in your life. And, the photos that you will get from that moment will be the same photos that you will use for your save-the-date cards, invitations, and wedding programs. You can also use these photos for your wedding day presentation or add them to your photo album.

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Since you will be using your engagement photos for so many things for your big day, it is only natural that you only want them to be at their best. And, to do that, you need to have three things: you and your partner, a great photographer, and the right outfit. Now, to help you with the latter, here are a few ideas before you start shopping and going through your wardrobe.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Engagement Photo Shoot

1. Comfortability

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Your outfit should be something that you would normally wear, photoshoot or no photoshoot. If you’re typically the jeans and shirt person, you don’t need to wear a big ball gown no matter how special this shoot is. It is important that you choose an ensemble that will make you feel comfortable – something that would make you feel like… well, you. You need something that would make you still look like yourself, only this time, you’re at your best. This is so you don’t feel and look awkward in your photos.

2. Colours

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When choosing what colour to wear, make sure to stay away from neon and red. You will look like a hot and blinking sign and these colours instantly attract one’s eyes. This is something that you should always try to avoid because you don’t want people focusing on your clothes. You want them to look at your faces, your eyes, and how you look at each other with love. So, instead, go for neutral tones or pastel and cool colours.

3. Matching Clothes

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Never match your clothes with your partner, especially when working with patterned prints. However, be careful with choosing patterns. Anything too busy will result in distraction in your photos. Now, the aim here is to complement each other not to wear the same things. And, to do that, choose solid prints and colours that complement the other. Or, if you like the colour blue, you can wear it as a dress and have your partner wear a tie with the same colour. You don’t need to be all matchy-matchy to tie things together.

4. One or Two Outfits Only

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Many soon-to-be-brides get tempted to turn their engagement shoot into a fashion photo op. You want to look your best and by doing so, you take a lot of clothes with you as “options.” But, when you do so, there is a big tendency that you will rush through the photoshoot to change into your next outfit. More importantly, you should be able to look back on your photos and remember who you both were and one or two outfits are enough to do this.

Outfit Ideas Based on Season For The Perfect Photo!

●  Summer

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The beach is certainly a popular destination for engagement shoots during summer. And, if you’re planning on one, don’t be afraid to go barefoot. This saves you a lot of time choosing the footwear that will go great with your outfit. And, you can pair this with a structured outfit. Meaning, nothing drapey or flowy. On the other hand, when you’re having it in the great outdoors, wear short hemlines, breathable fabric, and pair it with a nice pair of flat shoes.

●  Autumn

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The colours during Autumn are very rich and, the temperature is starting to dip. So, make sure to wear knits with long sleeves, and have layers of clothes. Picking the right colour palette also works well, especially when shooting outdoors.

●  Winter

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Winter is your chance to rug up. During this time, you can wear anything from metallic details to having gold sequins. This will result in photos that are interesting and yet not distracting. Just make sure that your partner balances this out by wearing a solid colour. You can also add in winter accessories such as boots, fur coats, or even knitted hats.

● Spring

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Spring is all about wearing florals and beautiful pastel colours. Choose an outfit that is lively and has a touch of colour or you can take it up a notch and go for whimsical prints. You can also wear a cute dress or skirt and pair it with a sweater.