Enchanted Forest Wedding – Twilight Ceremony


Have Your Wedding in an Enchanted Forest Dreamland 

Are you and your fiancé two people who absolutely love being outdoors, amongst lush gardens and overhanging trees?

And would you prefer to be outside on your wedding day, soaking in all the wonderful vibes that nature has to offer?

Well we have the perfect idea for you.

Circle of Love plans weddings to be held in the beauty and lush surroundings of an enchanted garden. Our garden weddings are perfect for the couple who would prefer an outdoor location for their wedding as opposed to the indoor confinements of a church or reception hall.

Why choose a garden wedding? 

Having a garden wedding is wonderful for a number of reasons – the main one being is that you and your loved ones get to be outside amongst the beauty of nature, taking in the sunshine and gorgeous surroundings on your most special of days.

This makes for an incredibly joyous and romantic occasion, and nothing beats the happiness on the faces of guests when they are a part of one of our enchanted forest weddings.

They are also more informal and have a more relaxed, intimate vibe. You can choose the garden you would like to be wed in and tailor it to your personal style. Part of the fun of having your wedding in a garden is getting to decide the furnishings and decorations to perfectly match your enchanted garden.

Another great benefit of having your wedding in a garden is that you can also choose to have your reception there – you can do the formal ceremony in a garden and then not have to worry about logistics and getting everyone from the ceremony to the reception, the party can begin right where you are.

Contact Circle of Love to have your enchanted forest wedding planned and make it an absolutely perfect day.