Don’t Forget These Essential Accessories on Your Wedding Day

Accessories are what make an outfit complete, and even though on your big day, all eyes will be on your wedding gown, certain accessory pieces play an essential role in creating that dream wedding look. Accessories are not only a fun way to add some interest, possibly even a pop of colour to your ensemble, but they can also complement your wedding theme. Therefore, you need to pick them with great thought.

To help you get started, here is a list of 8 pieces you will need on your wedding day.


Something Old Something New


You might not have considered your underwear as an accessory to your wedding ensemble, but the fact of the matter is that it will play quite an important role in making you look perfect. What type of underwear you’ll need to look for will highly depend on the style of your dress. Don’t hesitate to ask your salon for recommendations as to what would look best. The right lingerie will not only enhance your figure but will also make you feel beautiful, so pick what feels right.

Hair Accessories

Once you have an idea about your wedding hairdo, you can start thinking about hair accessories. The options here are virtually endless; from elegant hairpins and combs through dazzling headbands all the way to fresh flower hair accessories and even cute bows, you can find something for any style. However, we must not fail to mention bridal veils. A veil is a very traditional wedding accessory and while it is by no means a must, it can definitely add a delicate touch to a bridal look. There are various lengths so do try them with your dress.

A Clutch Bag

Even a bride needs to carry a few necessities, and even if you are not going to be clutching a bag as you walk down the aisle, it’s a good idea to have one that complements your look. Be sure the shade and fabric of the bag you pick match your dress. A small clutch bag will allow you to keep a few essentials such as bobby pins, a mirror, safety pins, Band-Aids, and the like at hand and have peace of mind.

A Pair of Shoes – and Flats

Blue Wedding Shoes

When it comes to choosing wedding shoes, some prioritize look, others comfort. The two don’t have to exist separately, but if you already have your eyes on a stunning pair of sky-high heels, be sure to have a pair of flats prepared – you will be grateful to yourself. Keep the terrain in mind, too – you don’t want to pick pointy heels for an outdoor ceremony. Additionally, remember that you should pick your shoes well in advance so that you can have your dress properly fitted.

A Garter

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A garter is a classic piece you might not want to skip for tradition’s sake. It’s also one of those pieces that allow you to subtly incorporate “something blue,” even if you want to keep your look all-white. Some brides even personalise their garters and add unique details. If you are not used to wearing such a piece as a garter, though, think about keeping it off for the ceremony. You don’t want to feel uncomfortable as it keeps sliding off.



While you should go easy on the jewellery so as it doesn’t “steal the show” from your dress, a few subtle, delicate pieces can add some much-needed sparkle to your ensemble. Once again, what looks best will depend on your dress, your hairdo, and the overarching style you are going for. Some necklines call for statement necklaces, while others do better with minimal additions. If you have valuable heirloom jewellery pieces you have been holding onto for this occasion, be sure to try them with your dress beforehand. Additionally, keep your precious metal jewellery in mint condition with ultrasonic cleaning so that it looks stunning on the big day.

A Bouquet

A wedding bouquet is a staple accessory that allows for a lot of creativity. You can pick flowers that are incorporated in your wedding décor for a cohesive look but you also have the freedom to hand-pick the flowers for your bouquet yourself, coming up with a meaningful composition. Remember that you’re going to toss your bouquet – if you don’t want to part it just yet, be sure to get a spare one made.

A Wrap


Finally, many brides forget about this accessory, however, a wrap or some other piece of garment you can cover up with may come in handy, especially if your wedding is during the chillier part of the year. Even if you don’t plan on wearing it unless you must, you might want to stay on the safe side and still have one prepared that will complement your look. A light capelet can even add a layer of interest to your outfit.

A few well-chosen accessory pieces will not only add that final touch of elegance to your look but will also remain as meaningful keepsakes from your big day. Pick them out well in advance for a cohesive look!

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