Do I need a Wedding Decorator?

It’s natural to have cold feet on your special day. It’s even more natural to want your wedding to be an experience that touches your heart and etches the memory into your mind. Even though you might not believe it, hiring a wedding decorator is one of the first things you need to do to make your wedding a night to remember.

Is it important to hire a wedding decorator?

Simply put, yes. If you’re planning a wedding that holds elements of beauty and unique aesthetics, wedding decorators are one of the only people that are capable of giving that to you. Even if you choose to make your wedding an intimate and private affair, having a wedding decorator by your side will allow you to focus on the events rather than be abashed by the problems that occur on your wedding day.

Whether you’re planning a wedding that’s a grand affair or a wedding that’s going to be followed through within a small hall, a wedding decorator is an integral part of your wedding.

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Is it better to hire wedding decorations?

Yes! Wedding decorations are exactly what they say they are – ideal for the occasion, not so much after. Moreover, investing your money to buy wedding decorations can be an unnecessary activity, especially since you won’t need half of the items that you use on your wedding day afterwards.

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Hiring wedding decorations allows you to save money. With the help of a professional wedding decorator and wedding decoration hire, you will be able to both – save your money and make the most out of your special day!

Should I be following a particular colour scheme for my wedding?

Yes. For weddings, there is a general rule of thumb to not use more than four colours for your wedding decor and planning. Playing with a colour palette of four allows you to build both contrast and subtlety through simplicity, allowing you to embrace the ambience of your wedding wholly.

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If you choose to use ‘too much colour’ on your wedding day, the colour scheme could be too haphazard and leave you feeling overwhelmed. On your wedding day, it’s important to choose a colour palette that’s comforting and simple, solely so that you can feel comfortable within the space rather than awkward.

Can the crockery be hired as well?

Depending on the company you approach for the hire of your wedding decorations, you’ll be able to hire crockery, chairs and even dance floors! Most experienced hire companies have been in the business of wedding decoration hire and party planning for years and will turn your wedding dreams into reality.

Should I pick a theme for my wedding day?

Ideally, a theme for your wedding day will allow you to personalise your wedding furthermore. However, there’s no need to feel the pressure to come up with a wedding theme if you don’t want to. At the end of the day, the wedding is supposed to be about your partner and you.

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None of the decor, the people and even the meals that you have during or after the wedding is going to matter once the moment has passed. What will last; however, will be the love you hold for your partner. Go forward with what your gut tells you to do!