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    Ellie & Stefan Summit Restaurant Wedding Venue Brisbane - DIY Wedding Planner Professional Experience

    Kylie Williams Photography

    Above: Ellie & Stefan Summit Restaurant Wedding Venue Brisbane – DIY Wedding Planner Professional Experience

    “Do It Yourself” projects have become insanely popular, with the explosion of Pinterest and social media feeds of late. Not only do the brides see it as a way of saving money, but it is always nice to think ‘I created that’, ‘this is me’. Our motto is that every wedding should be a reflection of their unique personality. So why not create that piece of designer flair in your favours or centrepiece.

    Personalised Pieces by Ellie & Stefan for their wedding

    Personalised Pieces by Ellie & Stefan for their wedding

    Weddings, even simple ones with what you think is minimal decorations, involve a lot of time and styling elements from tablecloths, table runners, centrepieces, flowers, chair covers, sashes, gift table, cake table, and most importantly special decorations for the bridal table.

    DIY Centrepiece, Wedding Hire

    Ellie & Stefan’s DIY Centrepiece Design

    You may think that on the day “I can do it all. I want to see my reception styled the way I imagined. I have created sentimental décor pieces this means a lot to me”. But the reality is it’s your day and you should not be lifting a finger.

    Ellie enjoying her night

    Ellie enjoying her night

    The final weeks before your wedding and especially the day of, you should be enjoying every moment of the lead-up. Have you considered hiring a DIY Wedding Planner professional to set up and pack up the decor, as well as using their expertise to style and design a picturesque reflection of your unique personality? If not it may be a good idea!

    We piece everything together just like you imagined

    We piece everything together just like you imagined

    If you know someone you trust, they will design and style the wedding you’ve dreamed of. Let the DIY Wedding Planner Professionals figure out all those logistics you may not have thought of:

    • What is being brought to the wedding?
    • Do I have enough centrepieces, favours etc?
    • Am I missing anything?
    • Who is setting it all up on the day?
    • How long is it going to take to set up?
    • How will it be just the way I envisioned?
    • Who is packing it all up?

    Circle of Love DIY Wedding Planner Professionals discuss every single element of your reception-wedding decor. We suggest creating two lists for us, “to go to wedding décor list” and “pictures and sketch of set up envisioned,” As in:

    To Go

    • Décor box—(Circle of Love DIY Wedding Planner)
      • Table numbers
      • Table runners
      • Guestbook
      • Wishing Well
      • Favours
    • Centrepieces
    • Candles
    • Lolly Jars
    • PLUS more


    Looking for a DIY Wedding Planner Professional to set up your wedding venue styling? Want to know more about our services? Decided you’d prefer an awesome team to cover it for you? Contact us today for a complimentary quote!

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    See what our lovely Stefan & Ellie had to say about our DIY Wedding Set Up services.

    Words from Stefan & Ellie the next day; Jessica!!!! What you did yesterday was totally amazing!!!!!!!!!! I have no words to describe how perfect everything was!!! I loved eeeeeveryyhing! ! Thanks for being supportive yesterday while I was stressing haha lol tongue emoticon u did an amazing job thank you sooo much!! Xxxxxxx

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