DIY vs Professional Wedding Planning:

Pros and Cons to Consider

Should you go for a wedding planner or DIY the entire thing? The answer to this question depends on a variety of factors. Are you planning a big wedding or a small one? Do you like customisation or want things pre-made? Do you like to do things your way or want to hand it all over to someone else? To help you make the final decision, we summarised the pros and cons of hiring a wedding planner or a DIY wedding. Read through it if you want to know all the details.

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DIY Wedding

DIY weddings are a thing these days. People look for budget-friendly options; nothing is better than getting everything done according to your choice. However, DIY weddings could be more sparkly, and there are specific cons to this entire idea as well. Let’s see how DIY weddings can be good (or bad) for you.


1.     Saves Money

As we said before, the biggest pro of a DIY wedding is that it helps you save money. You take on every project yourself and will pay only for the services you purchase. If you are looking for event services that you can easily DIY, then click here.

2.     You Have the Liberty to Be Creative

With a DIY wedding, you will keep the budget under control and add a personal touch to your special day. Contrary to what most people believe, DIY is not manual work. It can be as simple as skipping the DJ and just playing your favourite tunes from Spotify for the guests to enjoy.

3.     Quality Time with Family and Friends

You can gang up with your family and friends and set up dates where they can help you out. A day can be set up for when you do your wedding favours. After all, someone in the family has excellent craft skills or loves cooking food. You can utilize all these skills to help you enjoy the process of a DIY wedding.


Only some aspects of a DIY wedding are good. Most couples-to-be also think that it is quite hectic. Let’s look at the opposite side of having a DIY wedding.

1.     Time

A DIY wedding requires much time in exchange for the money you save. Planning a DIY wedding can be incredibly time-consuming when you have a full-time job. A few people can work this out by delegating tasks to family members or friends.

2.     Meeting Deadlines

Not everyone is a perfectionist; some can be procrastinators as well. If you are one, then you will need help keeping up with the deadlines. Things often begin to get complicated as the big day approaches. Planning the entire wedding by yourself can be stressful, and you may end up turning it into a stressful moment.

3.     Stressful

If you are a newbie DIY wedding couple who has yet to learn about baking, vendors, or even décor, then there is a chance that you will spend more than your budget and time. Imagine your wedding day is near, and you are worried about which cake to bake, how to seat your guests, how to send out the invites, and much more.

Hiring a Professional Wedding Planner

When you hire someone to plan your wedding, you trust them to give you a moment to remember. However, hiring a wedding planner is only sometimes perfect, and just like a DIY wedding, it has pros and cons.


1.     Stress Relievers

Wedding planners are your personal stress relievers. You hire them, and from then onwards, it’s all up to them. With them, you do not have to worry about which vendor to select or the type of entertainment for the guests. Moreover, you will stop worrying about cancellations at the last minute, which is common in the wedding planning business.

2.     Thinking about the Details of the Day

Wedding planners are professionals, meaning they are trained to look at the tiniest details of your big day. It is something that you, as a non-professional, may end up overlooking. Tasks that can overwhelm any average person are as easy as ABC for these professionals.

3.     They Know the Industry Better Than You

Most people think that wedding planners are an added budget to your wedding. However, in reality, it is quite the opposite. They know the industry better than you, and they can deal with vendors better than you. These people know who overcharges you or how long certain things will take. All of these services are justifiable for the services that they offer.


1.     Lack of Personal Touch

Some couples like a personal touch to their special occasions, which may be lacking in a wedding planner’s work. Not hiring a wedding planner gives you the liberty to decide without considering a pre-set template.

2.     They May Not See Eye-To-Eye with You

It’s your wedding day, and you have imagined it for several years. Wedding planners are humans, too, and they may only sometimes understand your vision. To reduce the chances of this happening, you should discuss your imagination with them thoroughly. Be sure to examine every tiny detail about the wedding.

3.     Doing the Job That Does Not Need to Be Done

If you plan a small, intimate wedding, a wedding planner may only help a little. Small weddings are easily manageable by friends and family. Therefore, hiring a wedding planner for small-scale weddings may also be heavy on your pockets.

The Takeaway

Your wedding is a special day for you and your spouse. Whether you go for a DIY wedding or hire a wedding planner, remember to enjoy these moments as much as possible. Wedding days are meant to be stress-free, where you spend every moment with the people you love. If you can afford a wedding planner, you must always hire one, as they are the key to stress-free weddings.

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