DIY Rustic Decorations for the Wedding of Your Dreams

Deciding on a theme for your wedding will help guide your choices for all your decorations. They’ll need to fit in with the venue you choose and what kind of vibe you want your ceremony to have.

Many brides are opting to have romantic, rustic weddings. They pull from natural elements to set the tone of the event. Plenty of foliage and wood will be at a rustic wedding, but how do you use those as your decorations?

The good news is that you don’t need to break your budget to buy premade decor. Try these DIY rustic wedding decorations to complete the wedding of your dreams. They’ll be exactly what you need to tie everything together, from the moment your ceremony starts to the last goodbyes at your reception.

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Twine-Wrapped Candles

Don’t underestimate the value of twine at a rustic-themed event. Rustic is defined as being related to the countryside, which brings to mind images of handmaking everything you own.

Twine can be used for many different purposes at a wedding, but it really pops when it’s wrapped around large white candles and glued into place at the end. It’s also a cheap material, so when those candles melt, you won’t have to feel bad about throwing the twine out afterwards.

Garnish your twine-wrapped candles with sparkles, table numbers or even flowers for an extra touch.


Wooden Flowerbox Coolers

Throughout your wedding, your guests will need something to drink. They may want water before your ceremony and sodas throughout the night, especially if you have a lot of younger guests.

Make it easy for anyone to walk up and grab themselves a drink by making wooden flowerbox coolers. Depending on the box you’re working with, all you’ll need is the right colour paint, some plastic sheeting, and a staple gun or nails.

Line the painted box with plastic sheeting to contain the melted ice and you’ll have budget-friendly coolers made in a single afternoon.


Reclaimed Wood Archway

Think back to all the ceremony photos you’ve seen of a couple getting married. There’s usually some kind of focal point on either side of the ceremony or behind it. Those pieces can be rented for a price, but it’s cheaper and easier to make your own archway.

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An archway is a classic decoration for a wedding ceremony. If you build it with reclaimed wood, you’ll experience the many benefits it has to offer. It’s environmentally friendly, naturally rustic and has its own history. It brings a depth to your decor that not many other types of wood can do.

Burlap-and-Lace Table Runner

The tables at your reception will need a centrepiece or other decoration to make them look festive. Whatever flowers or candles you use will look right at home on a burlap-and-lace table runner.


Burlap is another one of those materials that makes it easy to picture the country and the nature surrounding it. On its own, it wouldn’t look great at a wedding. Combine it with lace, and you’ll have picture-perfect table runners.

After you get your burlap strips, lace and sewing supplies, you just need to iron the lace in place with fusible interfacing before stitching it all together. It only takes a few minutes to make and can be easily reused at parties and holidays later on.

Pallet Picture Collage

Pallets are used for many different rustic-inspired pieces of decor at events and in homes. If you find one that you like, hang picture frames on it for a rustic collage. Use frames with bright colours to make them pop against the wood.


See What’s Around the House

Check around your home to see what supplies you already have to use. You may be inspired to create something totally new or find out you have what you need for one of these DIY rustic projects. Think about what you’d like to decorate your wedding with to determine what decor will fit in best with your big day.