DIY Photobooth Backgrounds for Your Wedding

The best way to remember weddings is through photographs. The selfie revolution may have dulled the excitement around it, but we can’t have that. So, how do you make sure yours has fantastic memories?

Get a DIY photo booth background for your wedding!

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Photo booth backgrounds are a very entertaining option. They can provide endless fun for you, your family, friends, and guests. At the end of it, the memories of your wedding will be always a reminder of exciting moments.

Why Photo Booth Backgrounds are Popular?

Firstly, it’s not easy to coax everyone to smile for the camera even though every bride and groom want to create cherished takeaways. With a photo booth background, it’s easier to invite people to pose in front of an interesting background.

Secondly, these set-ups provide a designated space for all your attendees during the reception or cocktail hour. Another important point in favour of photo booth backgrounds is that they can be personalised exclusively.

Hire a wedding photo booth

Once you have decided on the duration and the details of the design, hiring a photo booth is very affordable. The set-up comes manned, includes a variety of props, dressing up boxes, guest book, and finally, also have the option of digital copies and or prints. Couples can even tie around the concept of mementos, keepsakes, party favours, or wedding return gifts around it. For instance, a wedding flipbook with photographs or digital key chains and frames.

On the other hand, if you have lots of decorative props or personalised items that you would like to feature, you can set up your own photo booth background. Here are some ideas to DIY photo booth backgrounds for your wedding:

Frame that love: Build a frame using pipes, planks, or any other thing that catches your eye. A rustic frame with branches and twigs, covered in flower strings; an industrial look with steel coloured pipes and twined with LED lights; a classic frame sheathed with gauze in your favourite colours or a polaroid frame with a chalkboard background. Add complementary props to complete the background like a loveseat, interesting chairs, a swing covered in flora.

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Wall of wonders: Spruce up a plain wall in your wedding venue to turn it into an enchanting photo-op background. Fashion an outdoor trellis covered with loads of artificial moss, vines, palms and fake ferns. Book lovers can custom design a bookish background with second-hand copies glued to a pallet frame. Open books with fluttering pages can be further enhanced with props like a table or reading lamps.

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Boho adventures: The love of the outdoors has united many couples and it could be a great photo booth background too. Build a tipi or tent-like structure with fabric or lace curtains or Macrame. Add some rugs and chairs, wildflowers, trekking or camping related props. Building tipi frames is quite easy, however, readymade fabric tipis are available online too.

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Light it up: Artsy globe lights, lanterns, exposed Edison bulbs, a lightbox, candles in glass jars or decorative holders, fairy light curtains, or neon signs or countless other options in lamps and holders can brighten up your pictures of the wedding. The only thing to remember with this background is checking the light exposure to ensure good photographs. Whether you invest in lights or make one yourself, you can always recycle them by placing them in your home after the wedding.

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A photo booth background will keep your guests entertained for hours and lend extra love to your wedding photos. Who won’t remember a wedding with a custom background that resulted in stellar photo-ops?