Destination Wedding: Tips for Packing Formal Attire

The destination wedding you’ve been waiting for is just around the corner. You can already feel your muscles relaxing. You can smell the sea breeze. Whether it’s your big day or you’re attending a loved one’s wedding, you know it’s going to be a great day celebrating with friends and family. You finally get to show off your new custom suit! Then you might realize, “Wait, how do I even pack my formal attire?” Here are some tips.

How to Pack Formal Attire

Take the time to properly pack your formal attire to ensure you look sleek for the big day. If you decide not to hang it in the closet of the aircraft, here are some tips on packing outfits.

How to Pack a Suit


Here’s what you’ll need for the perfect suit:

  • Jacket: Surprisingly, the jacket will be the easiest clothing to pack. Fold your jacket inside out. Not only will doing so protect the exterior from dust and lint, but it will also prevent wrinkles. Since suit jackets are multilayered, any creases will occur on the interior when it’s hung this way. Fold your jacket down the middle so the sleeves align, then fold from the collar to the bottom with the sleeves folded to the inside.
  • Pants: Fold your pants along the crease to prevent new creases. First, fold them in half so the legs are evenly on top of each other. Then, fold them from the waistline down.
  • Shirt: For your shirt, use the rolling method. Folding makes too many edges and creates additional wrinkles. Button up your shirt almost to the top. Then, fold the shirt in half at the buttons so the sleeves are reaching behind the shirt. Fold the sleeves down. Start to roll from the bottom to the top.
  • Shoes: Pack shoes in your carry-on luggage or bag. As with all your other formal attire, put your shoes in their own bag. You don’t want the dirt from the bottom of your shoes making stains or marks on your other clothes. Rather than a plastic bag, invest in a shoe bag. Do not crush your shoes. Either add wooden shoe inserts or stuff them with socks. Doing so will help save some room in your bag as an extra bonus!

Once you’ve taken these steps, your favourite suit should be perfectly protected for your travels.

How to Pack a Dress

A good dress rule of thumb is to fold it into thirds. Fold the dress vertically in half so the shoulders are touching each other. Shake out any wrinkles and smooth out the top and skirt. Fold the bottom third toward the middle then the top third toward the middle.

Don’t Forget Shoes and Accessories

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You might need a few more items before your outfit is complete:

  • Ties and socks: Ties and socks can be rolled or stuffed neatly in shoes.
  • Jewellery: Keep your jewellery items safe and sound with you throughout the flight. Handle them with care. Package them in a nice box with a soft interior that will not scratch your jewellery. If you plan on wearing a watch, wear it on the plane, but make a note of what you plan on wearing both on the big day as well as on the plane, so you don’t forget anything.
  • Product: Whatever product you plan on using for your hair or makeup, carry that on too. You’re already familiar with your product, and you don’t want to stress about finding the right eyeshadow leading up to the wedding if you’re unfamiliar with the area.


Always Use a Carry-On for Your Important Attire

We have just a few more tips:

  • Invest in a garment bag: These bags come in all shapes and sizes for wedding dresses, bridesmaids’ dresses, suits and tuxedos. When you’ve finally reached your destination, the second to last thing you’ll want to deal with is lost luggage. The last thing you’ll want to deal with is your wedding attire being lost in that luggage.


  • Use the aeroplane closet: Most airlines are highly accommodating and will hang your attire in a first-class closet. If the closets are full, flight attendants will likely be more than happy to find a safe place for your wedding attire. To ease some stress, purchase priority boarding so you won’t be forced to check your bag. That way, you’ll get priority in placing your garment in the closet as well. Be aware, some airlines do not provide closets. Call or message your airline before your flight to find the exact answers you’re looking for.

Finally, before you go, think about these ideas:

  • You can opt to wear your shoes onboard your flight — just keep them clean!
  • Bring your own travel steamer. You’ll already be familiar with its settings, and you never know what kind of steamer the hotel will provide.
  • Make a list of the small things, like bobby pins, safety pins, hair ties and makeup brushes.


Source: Unsplash

Have Your Own Dress Rehearsal

Whether it’s your wedding or not, have a little party of your own a few days before takeoff. Invite a few bridesmaids or groomsmen over and try on the exact outfit you plan to wear. This process will help you decide what accessories match your attire. Maybe you’ll notice that the shoes you plan on wearing are not going to be comfortable for a few hours, so you’ll have the time and opportunity to choose another pair.

When you’re all set, pack away your wedding attire right away so you don’t forget anything — now you know how to do so without a hitch!