Destination Wedding Etiquette Tips

When it comes to your wedding, you have a right to choose the venue, destination, colors, and style. Many couples opt for a beautiful destination wedding so they can combine the wedding and the honeymoon and include people they love in a unique experience.

Here are some Destination Wedding Etiquette Tips.

Destination Weddings

Weddings are expensive, but you have options that will help. For example, you can set up a Crowdfunding account for wedding guests, friends, and family to gift you with money or items needed for the destination wedding. Plumfund is a free account and much like the old-fashion gift registries, you can itemize and link exactly what you want. This can include travel expense, meals, hotel accommodations, and even help for members of the bridal party who could not afford to attend otherwise.

You can work with companies that offer all inclusive tour packages for popular destinations, such as Hawaii. This will allow you and your guests to enjoy the trip for much less.

However, a destination wedding creates some issues. You give up some of your control due to your choice of location. So, what is proper to expect and what breaks etiquette rules? Let’s take a look.

Invite everyone – but do not expect everyone

Destination Weddings

You have the right to invite everyone to your wedding. But if going to your wedding is expensive, requires travel, childcare, and time away from work, you do not have the right to expect everyone to attend. Further, it is not proper to assume someone can or cannot attend. Not sending an invitation to someone because you know they cannot afford the trip is insulting, So invite and include R.S.V.P. but do not expect.

Show some love when you return

It is nice to show your love and appreciation for your friends and family by having a reception or party when you return. This allows you to include anyone who could not attend.

Make it clear

Whether you include an itinerary card or post it on your wedding social media page, make it clear what you are doing. For example, if you are not paying for the hotel for your guests, add a note that reads “We have arranged for a group rate at “X” hotel. Call (555-555-5555) for reservations.

Transporting the dresses

Make sure all of the bridesmaids and groomsmen know to carry their attire for the wedding on the plane. They can stow it in the overhead compartment and have it pressed when they arrive. Do not check the gowns or you risk them being lost or misplaced with no way to replace them.

To pay or not to pay

You are not required to pay for the travel, hotel, or other expenses for your bridal party. However, it is appreciated if you do some research and arrange for some deals for them. Group rates for hotels, a hairdresser, or manicurist is always appreciated. You can arrange for transportation if you want everyone to arrive by limo but that is your choice.

Meals that are part of the celebration should be covered by you. This includes the reception, rehearsal dinner and usually a welcome dinner or cocktail party.

Destination Weddings

With some careful planning, you can have the destination wedding of your dreams. But you must be flexible and understand the needs and responsibilities of your guests. If someone you love cannot go, be understanding. This is the price you pay for having a wedding away from home.


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