Delicious Wedding Cake Trends That Are Sure to Impress

It’s your big day. You want everything just as you dreamed of. From your wedding dress and decorations to the engagement ring, everything needs to be pitch-perfect. One of the most important things you cannot compromise on is the food. Talking about food, how can you miss out on the dessert? Wedding cakes have been present at marriage ceremonies for ages. However, social conversations about these cakes have increased by 3.3% over the past few years.

Adding on, 0.21% of restaurants have added wedding cakes to their menu. That proves how this dessert is a crucial part of weddings. So, when you plan your wedding, you have to ensure that you have the best wedding cake. Now, what makes a cake good? Is it only the taste? Not really. The design and presentation matter a lot.

While you have been to other weddings, you might not be sure about the trends that are going on around you. Since it’s your big day, you need to impress all your invitees. So, if your cake is not as per the current trends, you might have to face some disappointed stares from your relatives. To save you from such embarrassment, here’s a look at the current wedding cake trends.

  1. Pearls

Pearls have been a major element in bridal fashion for years. Since you cannot imagine a wedding attire without pearls, why not add this to your cake as well? Shocked? Well, as the food industry evolves, the cakemakers have started using pearls in cakes to add more authenticity to the dessert. Edible pearls have proved to be a great implementation in wedding cakes and it’s trending nowadays. Therefore, when you sit to decide on the cake, keep this pearl design in mind before you finalize it.

  1. Textured Finishes

Gone are the days when cakes meant smooth finishes. Now, people prefer cakes that have a little texture. Wedding photographer Charles Moll has said, ‘Textured frosting adds a layer of depth and sophistication, allowing for a play of light and shadow that transforms the cake into a virtual stunning visual statement.’ Well, that’s enough to understand why textured finishes are trending. You will not have a problem finding a cake maker who can deliver as per your expectations. Make sure you have the right person to make the most important dessert for your wedding.

  1. Metallic Details

Who doesn’t want their cake to look glamorous? Wedding professionals have noticed that metallic details in styling cakes are on the rise after a hiatus of a few years. Silver leaf, shiny sprinkles, and edible glitter will be used in styling cakes, wedding professionals projected. Since all of us want to make our wedding day memorable, it is important to find the right ways to design your cake. Discuss everything with your family and your better half to make an informed decision.

  1. Fresh Florals

This is not a new implementation in cake styling. However, there has been a massive surge in requests for flower motifs in wedding cakes in the past few years. Now, don’t mistake flower motifs for the simple use of flowers on cakes. In fact, the designers are using these motifs to create a unique look for the dessert. Couples prefer such designs and have preferred fresh flowers on their cakes for the special day.

  1. Nature Inspired Cakes

This year, you can have nature on your cakes. People are opting for cakes that have hand-painted flowers, cascading foliage, and even real blooms to add an essence of nature to the dessert. Nature inspired cakes are gaining ground and are probably one of the most trending cake designs to talk about presently. If your big day is approaching, talk to your wedding planner about the type of cake you want. Make sure to explain all the details and ask for demos before making the final payment for the dessert.

  1. Heart Shaped Cakes

What seemed like a story of the past is slowly making its way back. Heart-shaped cakes can be the perfect one for the special day. These designs seemed backdated and were not in much use for a few years. But the current trends show that couples are ordering heart-shaped cakes to celebrate their special day with their friends and relatives.

Signing Out

There’s no way to think about a wedding without cakes. So, to make sure you have the right one to impress all you have invited and also feel more special, be aware of the trends. The ones mentioned above are popular presently. You can choose any one of them and discuss the same with your wedding planner.

Author Bio: Mia Ryan is a professional writer specializing in education, e-learning, food, writing, and lifestyle topics and now contributes her expertise to MyAssignmentHelp, specializing in providing accounting assignment help services. She is also a food connoisseur and keeps track of the emerging trends in the food industry.