Dating Sites For Women:

Tips on Navigating the World of Online Dating

Love is one of the most all-encompassing ideas around the world. We may have different ideas and customs in every culture, but its essence stays the same. Love in the romantic sense has always been something that people are trying to find throughout their lives. It seems like a quest of sorts to find your one true love. There are so many stories about it that people have stopped counting them. There have been rehashed versions of the same idea yet people still flock to watch or read them. It seems that this is a near-universal concept and all of us might experience it one way or the other.

However, as you may have noticed, most of the media and literature target usually a single demographic: women. It might be due to the fact that historically, it was the woman who was into the romantic type of literature. For example, one of the most prevailing types of shows that are still going on to these days is soap operas. It’s almost never-ending; formulaic plots and subplots have been the source of entertainment (and disdain) for many people across generations. Who were the original targets for this type of drama? It was the housewives, who were, of course, staying at home while their husbands did the work. Read more about this here.

 Modern Woman, Modern Life

We are now living in a very different time. Women now have more rights compared to the time when soap operas were conceptualized. Even though there is still a lot more room for improvement, it is comparatively better than those times. Women can now work without anyone being negative about it even though the glass ceiling still does exist in a lot of industries. Also, women now have the power to vote when this wasn’t the case back then. There are so many changes in the “man’s” world, and women now have a better voice.

These changes can also be seen in dating. Before, it was the men who were supposed to be the one taking all the prerogatives. They should be the ones who are aggressive in the relationship, providing for everything and be the “alpha” type. Such customs still exist today, but women are now allowed to do the same thing. They can be the providers in the relationship and they can be the assertive one when needs to be. Dating doesn’t need to have gender roles; all it takes is someone who is courageous enough to take the first step.

However, the modern world has also changed the world of dating. Back then, most people would meet another person through their daily activities. It might be in their workplace (even though this is frowned upon), school or even anywhere they frequent. There were some who even met in a car accident of all places. Love can happen anywhere and romance blooms like mushrooms. Now, dating can be found online. You don’t even need to meet them until you are ready to. There are even top 10 dating sites for women that you can check out.

Before you enter this unbelievable realm of possibilities, here are some tips that you might want to heed:

Tips For Dating Online 

1. Be Clear About What You Want

There is nothing that turns off a guy more than a girl who wants to pursue him to the ends of the earth. Most of the time, they want to give their efforts to someone who has the highest chance of reciprocating their feelings. There is nothing wrong with being coy, but you don’t string a person along while already deciding that you don’t have them in the first place. Also, be clear about what you want in the relationship. Is it just sex or leading to marriage and all that jazz?

2. Be Honest But Not Too Honest

Honesty is always the best policy, even online. Catfishing is just fun for that one person, especially if they end up fooling someone. However, it will negatively affect the other person who was just trying to date online. On the other hand, you don’t have to give every piece of information about yourself. You can just keep to the basics and be done with all of it. Always use a picture that shows who you really are, and don’t use someone else’s just because they are hot. Be confident about yourself, even though that’s just easier to say.

3. Before You Meet, Investigate Further

Once you have met the “one” online, there is a big possibility that you will have to meet in real life. Whether it leads to the bedroom or the dining room or anywhere else is up to you. The one thing that matters should be who you are spending it with. If you have enough information, you can check them out online before even meeting them in person. Even though it feels weird like you are stalking them, it is better to be safe than sorry. After all, the man you met online might be a very different person in real life.

4. Be Prepared For Anything That Might Happen, Like Rejection

As we have mentioned, anything can happen on an actual date with the person you met online. If you find that you don’t really like the person, put them down gently. If they are nice to you, it is just common courtesy to return the gesture. Be honest and don’t tag the person along just because you pity them. If you do this, it will just get worse in the long run. On the other hand, if they don’t take rejection too kindly then that’s their problem. Find a nice way out and do the same thing if you are the one getting rejected.

5. Be Kind And Have Fun

In any type of interaction with another person, always choose to be kind. You don’t know what the other person is going through and you don’t want to add anything to that. Attitude lasts longer than beauty so make sure that you are choosing the right person to date for the long run. Have fun as well as that is one of the major goals of dating. If you meet someone that you like, you can be friends with them unless both of you want something more.