Cutest Hairstyles for Bridesmaids

The dearest girl to your heart is getting married and has chosen you as her bridesmaid. It is a lot of pressure on you to handle. You should be there for her whatever she needs whenever she wants. At the same time, you have to look great. You’re the centre of attention after the bride, and all eyes will be fixed on you. Think about the groom’s best men and friends as well. It’s your chance to shine, for you and for the great bride who chose you to stand by her side on her special day.

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You’re effortlessly gorgeous and attractive. Never doubt that. But at weddings, everyone has to follow some rules. One of these rules is the hairstyle. It should be great to add the final touch to your appearance. We’ll suggest many great hairstyles to look fabulous and match your dress.

Half Ponytail

This hairstyle is impressive for an open-neck dress. You can have your hair straight or wavy for this hairdo. Do your whole hair the way you want, then grab half of your hair from the forehead and tie it. For a better hair look, wrap a thick tuft of your hair around the tie and pin it with a hairpin; try to hide the hairpin under the ponytail.

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Low Ponytail

This hairstyle would add more elegance to your turtleneck dress. This style needs slicked hair. After straightening your hair:

  • Brush it properly and bundle it down to your back.
  • Use hairspray to make the loose hair invisible.
  • Let little bangs fall on your forehead if it suits you.

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Simple wavy hair will always stay classy and trendy. What’s great about this style is that it looks good in all dress styles. If you feel that it’s very basic, you should read the rest of the article to find out the best way to break hairstyles’ boredom.



As a bridesmaid, you’ll be everywhere, dancing, helping the bride, and enjoying the special day. Maybe a basic hairdo like that will be great as a look and will be practical and won’t annoy you. Gather your hair, twist it, and wrap it into a bun. It’s a basic hairstyle, but it keeps it tidy. Use some hairspray and extra pins if needed.

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Side Bun

An amazing hairstyle that fits everyone, and it’s exquisite. A side bun needs a little more preparation than the ordinary one, and curly hair is preferable for such a hairdo. Make a side ponytail, grab a tuft after tuft, and pin them to create some volume until your whole hair is pinned as a cute side bun.

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Brushed Back

This hairstyle is increasingly trendy nowadays, and it’s very easy to do. Straighten your hair, then apply some hair gel to your scalp and keep brushing until your hair holds appropriately to the required style.

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There’s no need to work on your hair so hard if you don’t feel like it. A straight hair look will look fantastic if you’re wearing heavy makeup. A simple hairdo and smoky makeup, they complete each other, and you’ll look like a queen.

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Half-up Bun

Just like a half-up ponytail, but a little bit different and more special. This style is better with wavy hair like a half-up ponytail. Combine your wavy hair and follow the same instructions for a normal bun. Half a bun is easier to handle as you’re dealing with half of your hair.


Braided Headband

Braids are the greatest invention in the world of hairstyles. It’s an accessory to your hair from your hair! Do the braid and straighten the rest of your hair. It’s a simple, easy, and stylish hairstyle.

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Side Braid

No, not a boring braid. Make a basic braid and bring it to your left or right. Loosen the tufts of the braid as much as you can to add more volume. Some flowers would add more feminine to the style in between the tufts. Avoid flowers if your dress has flowers on it; you’re a bridesmaid, not a garden.

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Hair Accessories

You know what? Sometimes you don’t have to bother yourself or your hair with any complicated hairstyle. A simple hairdo with a little headpiece or accessory might transfer your look and make you stand out more than those who have spent the whole afternoon with their hairstyles. Here are many unique head accessories to complete your overview:


As mentioned above, flowers can decorate your look and break the boredom. But how to wear them? Easy peasy, pick some flowers from your garden and leave them in water for a little while to keep them fresh. Then put a hairpin in each one and place them whenever you want. The flowers aren’t supposed to be natural. By the way, it’s okay to go for an accessory with fake flowers.

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Pearl Headpiece

This piece is fantastic for all hairstyles. Curly, wavy, or straight. Because the piece itself is rich and can dramatically activate the look, the Pearl headpiece might be a crown, clip, or band. A crown is slightly exaggerated for a bridesmaid, but the rest are more than perfect. You can put the clip on one side of your head, both sides, or back.

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Make sure that your tiara goes with the colour of your dress and other accessories. The tiara is a complement to the look, so it should match. If your accessories are gold, don’t put a silver band; it’ll ruin the stunning look.



Whatever hairstyle or accessory you decide to go with, you’ll look fabulous. The only thing you should keep in mind is that you, yourself, should be comfortable and confident, don’t do something because everyone does it. You’re your original version, don’t copy anyone. And in case you want to wear a bucket hat, just do it, but be sure that your style fits the wedding atmosphere and be confident as you are unique.